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Antique appraisals or personal property appraisal services, can be requested for many different reasons in conjunction with an estate sale, or, all together separate for instances where someone may just have a few items that need to be appraised.

Get Appraisals For Anything You Think May Be Valuable

If you find that grandpa has an extensive coin collection or grandma had a collection of custom purses or antiquities, it may be a good idea to have them appraised. An estate sale company like Prestige Estate Services Inc. will be able to appraise it for various reasons in a report that may be required in a specific format such as IRS qualified formats or certification aspects. A professional appraisal could prevent you from accidentally selling a $10,000 item for $5 just to get rid of it quickly.

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Let’s take an example; You saw this painting that was in your grandma’s house, that she had for years.  You remember her telling you about it all the time when you were young and so, when she passed a few years back, you held onto it.  You have moved twice since then and it’s always traveled with you.  Now you’re getting ready to move again but this time, you just don’t have room for it.  So, you decide to give it to Jane, who was a good friend and neighbor of your grandmother’s for years and because you don’t have room to take it with you

Now, 10 years have gone by and Jane is watching a particular traveling antique show and sees a very similar painting that very much resembles the painting that came from her friend and neighbors estate that you gave her some years back.  So, she does some investigating and thinks the painting she has, is possibly by the same artist.  She brings it to Prestige Estate Services’ Appraisals Division and finds out, that what she has, is an original Gouache on paper, laid down on card and titled “Danseuse” and is an originalMarc Chagall, that is valued around $600,000.00!  Had you only had it appraised before you moved, you could have retired on that painting.  Now, you hope Jane really loves you.  So much so, that she calls you to share in her discovery.  Here’s for hoping!

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While this example may very well be possible but not typical, it’s not rare to find items that are worth three, four, or $5,000.00 or more, that someone has brought in to be appraised, either not knowing what it was, or thought it might be worth something but had no idea that it was worth $7,500.00.  Either way, an antique appraisal may very well be worth the time and money.  So, if you have an item that you are not sure about, send us a few pictures.  We offer varying levels of antique appraisals at varying price ranges.

Many individuals or past clients have had their items appraised to know what their item is worth at fair market value.  Sometimes our clients are looking to insure their items so they are covered on their insurance policy.  We can provide certified, written antique appraisals that will provide replacement cost value or (RCV), fair market values (FMV) with photos, provenance, history, descriptions, translations and provided to you in a bound document.

If it’s a Babe Ruth home run ball signed by Babe himself, or a $600,000.00 signed original Chagall, we have expert and certified antique appraisers in many different disciplines.  We offer the most comprehensive antique appraisals, to the basic home inventory and valuations.  No matter the items, age, condition, rarity or collectability, Prestige Estate Services has you covered.  Contact us today to get your antique appraisals started.

The passing of a parent or grandparent is never a good experience. In addition to grieving the loss of a loved one, it may be necessary to inventory their belongings and determine what to do with them. If you have opted to have an estate sale, you want to get as much as possible for your loved one’s possessions. How can an estate sale company help you achieve that goal?  Call us today and let us help.

Find Out If Items Are Fake or Reproductions

It isn’t uncommon for antiques or other pieces of art to be reproductions as opposed to originals. This doesn’t mean that your loved one didn’t know what to look for or that the seller intentionally sold a fraudulent item. Instead, it means that it can be extremely challenging at times to tell the difference between a real Van Gogh and a mass replica. However, a professional appraiser armed with the right tools and a trained eye and background, can determine conclusively whether an object is genuine, or if it is a reproduction, which helps you price it accordingly if you so choose to sell it.

Learn More About How the Market Impacts the Price of an Item

At one time, Ty Cobb was one of the most celebrated figures in baseball. Today, he is thought to be a blatant racist. While his baseball cards are still valuable, the perception of the man himself has influenced how much people are willing to pay for a card. Depending on who attends your sale, an item could ultimately go for less if buyers don’t like the person portrayed on a piece of memorabilia or the person who created a particular piece of art. On the other hand, an item may go for more than market value if a buyer likes the fact that an individual is or was controversial while he or she was alive.

If you are going through with an estate sale, or simply need an appraisal make sure that you know how much everything is worth and why. An estate sale company like Prestige Estate Services will have an array of tools and resources to help you properly get the correct valuation.

Prices vary based on the service you need.  We offer online appraisals, verbal valuations and more comprehensive inventory and valuations as well as full written appraisal reports.  Call us today so we can help point you in the right direction for your appraisal.

We offer two main types of appraisals here at Prestige Estate Services: formal written appraisals, and verbal appraisals. Each appraisal is done by a professional and is meant to ensure that each client gets the most accurate value for their item dependent on the information about the item.

Formal Written Appraisals

Our formal written appraisal process begins with an introductory phone conference to understand the customers needs and the item or items that need to be appraised.

After the introductory phone call, there is typically an on-site visit to exam and photograph the chosen items. Once we have all of the necessary information, our appraisal team gets to work on researching and valuing your items through historical and current market data.

The final formal appraisal document includes a report that has complete item descriptions, current market estimates, a list of similar items, and photographic representations of the item. Each appraisal is made to the proper legal and probate standards and can be sent to insurance agencies and legal representatives. Additional copies can be supplied for $5 per copy.

We offer this service on a competitive fixed rate per hour. In addition, if the on-site location is outside of our service zone we will also charge a travel fee.

Photo Appraisals

If you do not require a formal appraisal document yet, or are just curious about an estimated value for an item, we offer a photo appraisal at $100.00 per item. While it is less in-depth than a written appraisal, a photograph valuation can still give customers valuable insights into the true worth of their items.

You can send us images and information for as many as 3 items to get a photograph appraisal. An example of details that you should provide are dimensions, markings, and history of the item. The more details you can give us the more accurately we can value the item.

If you are interested in a photograph appraisal please email all of the appropriate information to

Upon receiving payment online, one of our appraisers will review the information and pictures. They will then provide a brief write-up which includes a suggested fair market value as well as any further history or information related to each item.

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