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Comprehensive Estate Inventory & Valuation Services

Discover the true worth of your personal property with Prestige Estate Services' comprehensive inventory and valuation services. Whether you're planning an estate sale, dealing with an estate dispute, or simply seeking clarity on your estate's contents, our team is equipped to provide the essential insights you need.

Determining the Fair Market Value of Personal Property

The perceived value of family heirlooms and possessions can often be misleading. While you may have some historical context, such as when an item was acquired or its sentimental significance, these factors do not necessarily align with the item's current market value. At Prestige Estate Services, we specialize in uncovering the genuine worth of your personal property, ensuring you don't miss out on hidden treasures.

Custom Appraisals for Various Requirements

Our clients frequently seek estate appraisals for various purposes. Whether it's a matter of dividing assets among heirs, fulfilling IRS requirements for estate tax appraisals, or simply gaining clarity on the estate's contents, our team can provide the necessary documentation and valuations. Personal property includes items like furniture, art, clothing, vehicles, collectibles, jewelry, and more, and establishing their value is a pivotal step in the estate management process.

A Resource for Executors, Attorneys, and Personal Representatives

If you're an executor, estate attorney, or a personal representative faced with the daunting task of understanding an estate's content and its value, Prestige Estate Services is here to assist. Our qualified appraisers possess the expertise required to ensure an accurate and reliable estate appraisal that will facilitate the division of assets and other estate-related matters. All of our appraisers are IRS qualified and write to USPAP standards.

Custom Estate Inventory and Valuations

A thorough understanding of your estate's contents and their market values is crucial. Our team offers whole-home inventories that detail each item, its location within the estate, and its fair market valuation. This detailed report serves as a vital reference for all parties involved in the estate's affairs, especially when crucial decisions need to be made. 

Meeting Diverse Valuation Needs

Estate inventory and valuations cater to various requirements. This service is particularly beneficial for furnished homes that are turn-key ready for sale. Sellers and buyers can leverage our detailed reports to negotiate and determine the fair market value of the home's contents, ensuring a fair and transparent transaction. These reports are client driven so if only a list is required or without the value that’s ok too! We can do inventories through lists, photos or even video inventories.

An Unbiased Perspective for Balanced Solutions

In estate situations where multiple parties are involved, the need for an unbiased arbitrator is crucial. Prestige Estate Services provides this much-needed third-party perspective to assess items objectively, presenting a true representation of the estate's assets to its heirs.


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