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Antique appraisals, also known as personal property appraisal services, serve a variety of purposes, whether in conjunction with an estate sale or as stand-alone assessments. These appraisals can be instrumental in making informed decisions about your valuable possessions.

We offer two primary types of appraisals: formal written appraisals and online (verbal) appraisals. The choice depends on your specific needs and the depth of information required.

Why Hire An Antique Appraiser?

If you suspect you possess valuable items, such as an extensive coin collection or a collection of custom purses, it's wise to consider having them professionally appraised. Prestige Estate Services provides expert appraisal services, including reports in specific formats like IRS-qualified formats or certification requirements. A professional appraisal ensures that you do not inadvertently undersell a valuable item for a fraction of its worth.

While such extraordinary value increases may not be typical, it's not uncommon to find items worth several thousand dollars that their owners were unaware of. Prestige Estate Services offers varying levels of antique appraisals, suitable for a wide range of items, needs and budgets.

Certified Antique Appraisals

Antique appraisals can help you understand the fair market value of your items. These appraisals can also be crucial for insuring valuable items, as they provide certified, written reports that include replacement cost values (RCV) and/or fair market values (FMV). Each report includes applicable photographs, provenance, history, descriptions, and translations, all presented in a digitally bound document.

Expert Appraisers for Various Items

Whether you have a Babe Ruth home run ball, a valuable Chagall painting, or an early Kentucky Rifle, Prestige Estate Services has a team of expert and qualified appraisers covering various disciplines. We offer comprehensive appraisals, from home inventory valuations to specialized assessments. Regardless of the item's age, condition, rarity, or collectability, we have the expertise to provide accurate appraisals.

Identification of Fake or Reproduction Items

Distinguishing between genuine antiques and reproductions can be tricky, and it's not a reflection of a lack of knowledge by the owner or the seller. While we do not authenticate items, it is part of our ethical responsibility to do our due diligence and be confident that we know what we are appraising.

Online Appraisals

For clients who require a less detailed assessment or are merely curious about an item's estimated value, we offer photo appraisals at a cost of $49 per item. Although less comprehensive than written appraisals, photo appraisals can still provide valuable insights into an item's true worth

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