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Bonded & Insured

We are a national estate sale company and certified appraisal company. Below you will find links to our insurance policies. Provided upfront to you so you know we are properly protected which means you are properly protected!

Our Estate Sale & Appraisal Insurance Forms

At Prestige Estate Services, we prioritize transparency and trust in our insurance coverage policies, setting us apart in the estate sale and appraisal industry. Unlike many competitors who claim insurance coverage but falter when asked for proof, we present our comprehensive insurance policies upfront. This approach ensures that our clients can readily access and review our insurance details, providing peace of mind and reinforcing our commitment to honesty and integrity. Trust is the foundation of our business, and as the Estate Sale and Appraisal Experts, we strive to lead by example, offering clear, accessible information to our clients from the outset.

Bonded and Insured - View Our Bond Here

Liability Insurance Information & Workmen's Comp Policy - View Our Insurance Policy Here

E&O Insurance Policy - View Our Policy Here

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