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When you hire Prestige, you’ll be under the care of an experienced team with 50+ years of combined experience. We’ve handled all types and sizes of sales, in cities and towns across the country, so your sale is sure to be a success.

Our superior attention to detail and commitment to service has kept us in the top 1% of estate sale companies in the U.S. in terms of volume—we handle about a dozen sales each weekend.


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We’ve provided estate sales for just about every situation and walk of life, from the homes of much-loved family members who’ve passed on to the properties of pro athletes who are switching teams. 

With Prestige, you can be confident your estate sale will be handled professionally, reliably, and accurately, with absolute clarity and transparency in our process. That means you’ll make more money, sell more items, and clear out the home. 

We take care of everything for you—from the advertising to the setup and sale days to finalizing the sale accounting, and last but not least, the check!

Welcome to Prestige Estate Services, your premier estate sale provider. With a legacy of excellence, we are recognized as one of the best estate sale companies in the industry. At Prestige, we understand that estate sales are more than transactions; they represent significant life transitions, and we are dedicated to handling each sale with the care and respect it deserves.

Our mission is straightforward: to provide seamless and comprehensive estate sale services that alleviate stress and maximize returns for our clients. Whether you are settling an estate, downsizing, or handling the assets of a loved one, our experienced estate sale managers are here to guide you through every step of the process.

At Prestige Estate Services, we pride ourselves on our ability to offer tailored solutions to meet the unique needs of each client. Our team combines decades of expertise with a deep understanding of the market to ensure that your estate sale achieves the best possible outcome. Trust us to manage your estate sale with professionalism and integrity, making us the estate sale organizer of choice for clients nationwide.

What We Offer

At Prestige Estate Services, we offer a comprehensive range of services tailored to meet all your estate sale needs. As a leading estate sale provider, our goal is to ensure that each sale is handled with the utmost professionalism and efficiency.

Estate Sale Services: Our full-service estate sales management covers every aspect of your sale, from initial item assessment to final clean-up. We employ expert estate sale organizers who meticulously plan and execute each sale, ensuring that all items are presented attractively and sold at the best possible prices.

Online Auctions: For clients who prefer a digital approach or reside in areas with strict regulations, our estate sale auctions offer a versatile and effective solution. These online auctions are designed to reach a broader audience, creating a competitive bidding environment that can significantly increase the value of the estate's assets.

Specialty Services: Understanding that each client has unique needs, we also provide specialty services such as consignment sales, direct buyer sales, and more. These options are perfect for items that may not fit the traditional estate sale model or when special circumstances apply.

At Prestige Estate Services, we leverage our extensive experience and deep understanding of the market to serve as the estate sale manager you can trust. With our help, your estate sale or auction can achieve outstanding results, making us the best estate sale company to handle your needs.

Our Process

Consultation: Your journey with Prestige Estate Services begins with a complimentary consultation. During this initial meeting, our estate sale managers discuss your specific needs, assess the scope of your estate, and provide a detailed plan tailored to maximize your sale's success. This step is crucial for setting expectations and outlining how we can best serve you.

Planning and Organization: After the consultation, our team gets to work on the meticulous planning and organization of your sale. This includes inventorying items, researching their value, and deciding on the best sales approach—whether it's an on-site estate sale, an online auction, or a combination of both. Our estate sale organizers ensure that every item is accounted for and presented in the most appealing way.

Marketing and Promotion: To attract the right buyers, we implement a robust marketing strategy that includes online listings, social media campaigns, email blasts, and local advertising. Our goal is to generate excitement and anticipation, ensuring a high turnout from qualified buyers.

Sale Execution: On the day of the sale, our experienced team handles all aspects of the event—from customer service to overseeing transactions to ensure everything runs smoothly. Our estate sale managers are skilled in creating a professional and welcoming environment, which is key to a successful sale.

Post-Sale Handling: We offer options for donating unsold goods to charity. While we may not handle the donation process directly, we facilitate connections between our clients and trusted charity organizations. This allows you to easily donate any unsold items to a cause you care about, helping others and potentially providing a tax benefit. See our tax donation appraisal services.

Our hands-on process is designed to remove the burden from you, allowing you to focus on other priorities while we handle the details of your estate sale. With Prestige Estate Services, you can expect nothing less than a smooth, professional, and profitable sales experience.

Why Choose Prestige Estate Services Estate Sales Division To Manage Your Next Estate Sale?

EXPERIENCE - We have run over 3,000 estate sales nationally! That is not an exaggerated number! Here is a image of just our Denver Colorado Estate Sale Division.

Denver Estate Sale Services Company

When selecting an estate sale company, you deserve a partner who brings not only expertise but also a commitment to your success. Prestige Estate Services stands out as a leader in the field for several compelling reasons:

Experience and Expertise: With years of dedicated service, we have refined our approach to estate sales, ensuring that each client benefits from our deep market knowledge and extensive experience. Our team's expertise enables us to handle estate sales of any size and complexity, always aiming to exceed expectations.

Customized Service Approach: We understand that each estate sale is unique. That's why we offer tailored services to match the specific needs of each client. Whether you need a comprehensive estate clean-out or a specialized online auction, our team is equipped to provide the right solution.

Proven Track Record: Our success is measured by the satisfaction of our clients and the effectiveness of our sales strategies. Time and again, our clients commend us on our ability to deliver smooth, profitable estate sales. Our testimonials speak volumes about the trust and confidence our clients place in us.

Commitment to Client Satisfaction: At Prestige Estate Services, client satisfaction is our top priority. We strive to make every estate sale experience as stress-free and profitable as possible, ensuring you feel supported through every step of the process.

Transparent Communication: We believe that clear and open communication is crucial. From the initial consultation to the final settlement, we keep you informed and involved, ensuring that you are always up-to-date on the progress of your sale.

Choosing Prestige Estate Services means opting for a seamless, effective, and caring approach to your estate sale needs. Let us show you why we are recognized as the best estate sale company in the industry.


Hear directly from those who have experienced the Prestige difference. Our clients' satisfaction highlights the exceptional level of service and results that Prestige Estate Services consistently delivers. Here are a few testimonials that showcase our commitment to excellence in estate sales:

Highly Recommended:

"Choosing Prestige was one of the best decisions we made during a challenging time. Their team was not only professional but also incredibly empathetic and thorough. Every item was handled with care, and the sale itself exceeded our financial expectations." – Sarah J.

Efficient and Professional:

"The efficiency and professionalism of the Prestige team were outstanding. They organized everything from start to finish, making the process stress-free for our family. We were particularly impressed with how they marketed our estate sale, drawing in a large crowd of serious buyers." – Mark T.

Expert Handling:

"We were amazed at how Prestige managed our estate sale. Their experts priced our items perfectly, attracting collectors and enthusiasts who appreciated the value. The transparency and communication throughout were particularly reassuring." – Emily R.

Beyond Expectations:

"Prestige went above and beyond to ensure our estate sale was a success. From the initial consultation to the final check, their team was meticulous and respectful. We could not have asked for a better outcome or a more supportive team." – David P.

These testimonials reflect the trust and satisfaction our clients feel when working with us, solidifying our reputation as the best estate sale company. Each review underscores our dedication to providing an unparalleled estate sale experience that is both profitable and pleasing.


Navigating the process of an estate sale can bring up many questions. At Prestige Estate Services, we aim to provide clear, comprehensive answers to ensure you feel fully informed and comfortable with the process. Here are some frequently asked questions about our estate sale services:

What is the typical duration of an estate sale? Estate sales typically last for two to three days, depending on the size of the estate and the number of items available. We tailor the duration to maximize efficiency and returns.

How are items priced for the sale? Our estate sale experts evaluate each item based on current market trends, condition, and rarity to set competitive prices that are fair and likely to attract buyers.

Can you handle large or high-value estates? Absolutely. We specialize in managing sales of all sizes and complexities, including high-value estates with fine art, antiques, and collectibles.

What happens to items that aren't sold? Usually there isn't much left at the end of the sale but what is left we offer several options for unsold items, including coordination with charities for donations.

How soon will I receive payment after the sale? We pride ourselves on prompt financial reconciliation. Clients typically receive their proceeds within a week after the sale's conclusion.

These FAQs are just a starting point. If you have more specific questions, we encourage you to contact us directly so we can provide the information you need.

Contact Us

Ready to begin your estate sale journey with Prestige Estate Services? Contacting us is easy and convenient. Here’s how you can reach out to schedule your free consultation or to ask any further questions:

  • Phone: Direct lines are available for a personal conversation with our estate sale experts.
  • Contact Form: Fill out our online form on our website. Provide your name, email, phone number, and a brief description of your needs, and we'll get back to you promptly.

We serve numerous locations across the country, ensuring that no matter where you are, you can access our top-tier estate sale services.

Don’t wait to start planning your estate sale with the best in the business. Schedule a free consultation with Prestige Estate Services today. Let us take care of everything with the utmost professionalism and efficiency so you can achieve the best possible outcome with minimal stress. Contact us now—we're here to assist you every step of the way.

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