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That is literally all you need to do. It's that easy!
You do step one, we do the rest and send you the check!



What Prestige Estate Services Will Do For You & Your Sale!!!

Step 2.) We Create Your Sale

Step 3.) Setup



Step 4.) Post Setup

Step 5.) Estate Sale

Step 6.) Post Sale

We literally take care of everything for you from the advertising to the setup and sale days to the finalizing the sale with haul-away options and last but not least, the check! You are in the hands of “The Estate Sale Experts” Call Prestige Estate Services today to schedule your walkthrough.

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Estate Sales Are A Great Way To Service Many Situations

We have literally provided estate sales for just about every situation and walk of life.  From the everyday homes to pro-athletes, Ambassadors, Senators, Governors and more through the years.  We have not only been providing our estate sales to the local community for years but have also been the industry leader for years, in many arenas.  This may sound archaic but, we were the first company to offer online estate sales and the first to offer credit cards for payment at our estate sales.  Now these are pretty much standard in the industry.  We inadvertently single handedly shut several companies down because they were not legally charging sales tax like we were and like you are required by the IRS, state and local laws require.  They didn’t know it at the time but we did and were flooded with business yet again because other companies were shut down for periods of months settling with the IRS and their clients and customers suffered, for their inexperience and lack of business knowledge of what was required by local tax laws.  Unfortunately their clients dealt with the fallout from having to close their business.

My, how time has changed but our estate sale success has continuously grown and are now in offices across the U.S. and our estate sales are still valued at number one!  Why?  Well, we continue to do things the right way, while others are shut down we are growing and continuing to push the envelope in technology, organization and transparency in the estate sale process.  Hire the best estate sale company to help you with your project and don’t leave it to the hands of part-timers and hobbyists let The Estate Sale Experts help!

We have been voted the best estate sale company time and time again and are now the most viewed company nearly every week for multiple years running. When you hire an estate sale company, it’s mission critical to hire the best. You will make more money, sell more items and clear-out the home, while guaranteeing your estate sale is being handled professionally, reliably, accurately and with absolutely clarity and transparency in our process. Our estate sale team has the knowledge and experience to help you and your family process another successful event. Please visit our Services, Upcoming Sales & Past Sales page links above and read all about our different estate sale services and see some of our sales.  Contact us today to discuss your estate sale and setup a free no obligation consultation with one of our professional estate sale experts.

When you hire Prestige Estate Services you are under the care of an experienced staff of appraisers and collectors with over 50+ years of combined experience. We have experience handling several types of situations from regular estate sales to prompt liquidation sales.

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