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At Prestige's Columbus, Ohio office, we blend our broad national expertise with a deep comprehension of Ohio's distinctive market. This strategy ensures that every sale or appraisal we undertake is supported by our wide-ranging national background as well as our targeted local insights, ensuring positive results in the Columbus area.

Our appraisers are ISA, ASA, or AAA members and are I.R.S. qualified.

Columbus Ohio's Professional Personal Property Appraisers

Welcome to Columbus' top-rated appraisal firm, a place where deep expertise meets a thorough understanding of the local context. Our team of personal property appraisers, boast an impressive 100+ years of collective experience and comprises accredited professionals from leading organizations like the International Society of Appraisers, the American Society of Appraisers, and the National Association of Appraisers. We are not just experts in assessing value; we are reliable guides in the journey of appraisals.

Local Columbus Ohio Appraisal Expertise, National Coverage:

Our Columbus Ohio office deeply understands the unique character and worth of your tangible personal property. We extend our services beyond Ohio, offering a nationwide reach while maintaining a local sensibility. Whether it's within the vibrant Columbus area or across the states, our personal property appraisers are accessible to you.

Our Appraisers Service A Range of Our Personal Property Appraisal Types:

Our Columbus clients reap the benefits of our diverse expertise in a range of items, from contemporary art to classic antiques, and from standout furniture pieces to unique ephemera. We deliver more than just appraisals; we delve into and share the stories and worth of your belongings.

Navigating challenges like the pandemic, we’ve ramped up our dedication to serve you better. Embracing Buckeye spirit, we now offer both virtual and traditional on-site appraisals, ensuring thorough and accurate assessments throughout Columbus, from the vibrant Short North to the serene Scioto Mile.

Starting as a modest venture, we’ve evolved into a leading, client-focused appraisal firm. Always in tune with the distinctive needs of Columbus, our team emphasizes customer satisfaction, tailoring each appraisal to your specific needs.

We take great pride in the referrals we receive for personal property appraisals. Over half of our business in Columbus comes from referrals by trust companies, estate tax and planning attorneys, and individuals like you. We understand the pressing needs and time constraints you or your clients may face. Our services range from valuing entire estates to appraising just a few items. Our qualified appraisers are ready to assist, aiming to deliver appraisal reports as swiftly as possible. Our team includes appraisers recognized in various media and those with international expertise. Whether it's handling multi-million dollar estates or smaller ones, our experienced personal property appraisers are here to assist you and your clients today.

Our national network of appraisers, bolstered by local Columbus resources, enables us to efficiently manage large projects and deliver quick, reliable results. Our clients receive detailed, digitally formatted professional documents that meet the rigorous U.S.P.A.P certified standards.

Prestige Estate Services is adept at conducting personal property appraisals for any estate content. We specialize in appraisals for clients in three primary scenarios:

Death – Collaborating with trust and fiduciary advisors for appraisals of deceased clients' possessions, our reports serve various purposes, including estate tax calculations, equitable asset distribution to heirs, preparation for liquidation, and probate requirements.

Divorce – We assist divorce attorneys and CPAs in determining fair property division.

Downsizing – We guide clients who are relocating, often helping them decide whether to sell, donate, or move items, with appraisals facilitating value assessment or tax write-offs.

Our appraisal reports are critical in legal situations like divorces, insurance settlements, probate cases, and charitable donations. Maintaining the highest standards in our appraisals is essential. At Prestige Estate Services, all our appraisers adhere to the IRS guidelines and the Appraisal Foundation’s “Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice” (USPAP).

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Frequently Asked Questions About Appraisals

  1. What kinds of items can be appraised by Prestige in Columbus?
    Prestige offers appraisals for a wide range of items, including art, antiques, furniture, and collectibles.
  2. How does the Online Photo Evaluation service work?
    You can upload a photo of your item for a quick and convenient appraisal. This process is designed to be efficient and can often be completed within 72 hours.
  3. Can Prestige Columbus assist with insurance appraisals?
    Yes, we provide insurance appraisals to help you determine the value of items for insurance coverage purposes.
  4. What is involved in an estate appraisal?
    An estate appraisal involves evaluating the entire contents of an estate, often for purposes like estate planning, tax calculations, or division among heirs.
  5. Does Prestige offer charitable donation appraisals in Columbus?
    Yes, we can appraise items you wish to donate, helping you understand their value for tax deduction purposes.
  6. What is the process for an antique appraisal?
    Our antique appraisals involve a detailed assessment of your antiques, considering factors like age, condition, and market demand.
  7. How does Prestige handle equitable distribution appraisals?
    We offer appraisals that facilitate fair distribution of property, often used in situations like divorce settlements or dividing assets among heirs.
  8. Can Prestige conduct estate inventory and valuation appraisals?
    Yes, we can inventory and value all items within an estate, often required for legal, tax, or estate planning purposes.
  9. Are appraisals by Prestige in Columbus compliant with IRS guidelines?
    Absolutely. All our appraisals comply with IRS guidelines and adhere to the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP).
  10. How do I get started with an appraisal at Prestige Columbus?
    Contact us with details about your appraisal needs, and we'll guide you through the process, starting from an initial consultation to the final appraisal report.

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Explore our extensive range of personal property appraisal services in Columbus, OH. Uncertain about the exact appraisal service you need? Start with us, and we'll help you pinpoint the ideal appraisal solution tailored to your unique requirements.

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Antique Appraisers

In Columbus, Ohio, our team consists of expert ISA & USPAP qualified appraisers with a focus on general household content from art to antique items. For those in need of appraisals for items like fine art, coins, ephemera, or similar objects, or an entire household full of content, Prestige Estate Services offers dedicated and specialized expertise to meet your requirements.

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Online Photo Evaluation

Efficient, User-Friendly, and Economical. In Columbus, Ohio, our digital image valuation method acts as a preliminary phase in recognizing your items and estimating their potential worth. Remember, these assessments aren't official appraisals, but they offer an important foundation for beginning your appraisal process.

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Home Inventory & Valuations

Often, entities such as families, banks, trust companies, attorneys, and courts require official, formal appraisal documents for estate tax purposes. No matter your location in the Columbus, OH area, we are thoroughly prepared to meet your specific needs.

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