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At Prestige's Cleveland, Ohio office, our team of appraisers combines extensive national appraisal expertise with a deep understanding of Ohio's specific market traits. Our appraisers ensure that each assessment or transaction is underpinned by both broad national appraisal knowledge and a sharp focus on the peculiarities of Cleveland's local market. This strategy enables our appraisers to achieve consistently positive results in appraisals within the Cleveland area, demonstrating a blend of wide-ranging appraisal experience and localized insight.

Our appraisers are ISA, ASA, or AAA members and are I.R.S. qualified.

Introducing Cleveland, Ohio's Premier Personal Property Appraisal Service

Greetings from Cleveland's most esteemed appraisal firm, where unparalleled expertise converges with an acute understanding of local nuances. Our team is distinguished by over a century of combined experience and includes accredited specialists affiliated with prestigious bodies such as the International Society of Appraisers, the American Society of Appraisers, and the National Association of Appraisers. Our role transcends mere valuation; we serve as trusted navigators in your appraisal journey.

Meet Our Team Of Appraisers

Expertise Rooted in Cleveland, Ohio with Nationwide Reach:

Our Cleveland-based team possesses a profound appreciation for the intrinsic value and distinctiveness of your personal property. While our roots are deeply embedded in Ohio, our services span the entire nation, delivering local expertise on a national scale. Whether you're located in the dynamic heart of Cleveland or elsewhere in the country, our dedicated team is within reach.

Diverse Appraisal Services Offered:

Clients in Cleveland enjoy access to our broad-ranging expertise across various collectibles, from modern artistry to timeless antiques, significant furniture to rare ephemera. Our mission extends beyond valuations; we aim to uncover and narrate the history and value of your treasures.

Adapting to challenges, including the pandemic, we've enhanced our commitment to serve you more effectively. Capturing the essence of Cleveland's resilience, we now offer both remote and in-person appraisal services, ensuring comprehensive and precise evaluations across the city, from the bustling West Side Market to the tranquil Lake Erie shores.

Evolving from a modest beginning into a leading, client-focused appraisal firm, we remain finely attuned to Cleveland's unique requirements. Our team prioritizes customer satisfaction, customizing each appraisal to meet your individual needs.

Our appraisal services come highly recommended in Cleveland, with a significant portion of our business stemming from referrals by trust companies, estate planning attorneys, and individuals like you. We understand the urgency and constraints you or your clients may face. Whether appraising entire estates or select items, our experts are poised to assist, delivering reports with efficiency. Our team features appraisers recognized across various media, equipped with global expertise, ready to address the needs of both extensive and modest estates.

Thanks to our national appraiser network, supported by Cleveland's local resources, we can manage large-scale projects efficiently, providing quick, dependable outcomes. Clients receive detailed, digital-format reports adhering to the stringent U.S.P.A.P certification standards.

Prestige Estate Services specializes in conducting comprehensive personal property appraisals under a variety of circumstances:

  • Death: We collaborate with trust and fiduciary advisors to appraise possessions of deceased individuals, facilitating estate tax calculations, fair asset distribution to heirs, preparation for liquidation, and probate procedures.
  • Divorce: Our services assist divorce attorneys and CPAs in achieving equitable property divisions.
  • Downsizing: We advise individuals undergoing relocation, assisting in decisions on selling, donating, or moving items, with valuations that support tax deductions or sale decisions.

Our appraisals play a vital role in legal scenarios like divorce, insurance claims, probate proceedings, and charitable donations for IRS Form 8283's, adhering to the highest standards. At Prestige Estate Services, all appraisers comply with IRS guidelines and the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP).

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Where to Start

Dive into our broad selection of personal property appraisal services in Cleveland, OH. If you're feeling unsure about which specific appraisal service best fits your needs, don't worry. Start your journey with us, and we'll assist you in finding the perfect, customized appraisal solution that aligns with your distinct requirements.

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Antique Appraisers

In Cleveland, Ohio, our team at Prestige Estate Services is composed of expert appraisers who are qualified by ISA & USPAP, with a specialization in appraising a wide range of household items, from art to antiques. For those requiring appraisals of various objects such as fine art, coins, ephemera, or an entire household’s contents, we offer dedicated and specialized expertise to fulfill your specific needs.

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Online Photo Evaluation

Streamlined, intuitive, and cost-effective, our digital image valuation approach in Cleveland serves as an initial step in recognizing and estimating the potential value of your items. These preliminary assessments are not formal appraisals, but they play a crucial role in laying the groundwork for your comprehensive appraisal process.

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Home Inventory & Valuations

Entities such as families, banks, trust companies, lawyers, and courts in Cleveland often require official, formal appraisal documents, particularly for estate tax purposes. Our services cover the entire Cleveland, OH area, and we are fully equipped to meet your specific appraisal needs, regardless of your location.

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