Estate sales are typically held to sell off a home’s contents. This may be due to a major move planned because of downsizing or a job transfer, or other reasons. Such a sale is a great way to find a wide range of furnishings and personal effects. Anyone looking to furnish a home or redecorate should consider visiting a local estate sale. Everything from towels and end tables to beds and furniture can be found.

The Location Matters

The type of items found at an estate sale depend on the home, the seller, and the area. For example, an estate sale in a big city may be very different than one in a rural or even suburban area. It’s smart to do research before visiting such a sale. The estate service will have information about what is offered, and customers could benefit from investigating the neighborhood as well.

Types of Furniture

People can find nearly anything at an estate sale. After all, this is the liquidation of an entire home. One can find everything from old board games and kitchenware, to furniture sets both old and brand new. It’s a good idea to think about what you need before walking into this world. It can be easy to get caught up in the energy and want to buy everything. A new home owner may know they are looking for living room furniture or a new bed. Having a list and understanding one’s budget makes an estate sale easier to navigate.

Get There Early

Collectors and savvy shoppers get to the sales early so they can get the best items. High-end furniture and practical necessities at prices lower than retail go first. Thus, if a person wants to furnish their home, it’s advisable to get there early before the major rush. Plan to arrive an hour before the sale begins – this is especially important if you really have your heart set on a particular item.

Professional Estate Sales Get It Right

A sale operated by professionals is usually more organized, so it’s easier to find items, their prices, and complete the sale. People can expect items to be carefully arranged and for prices to be easy to spot. Private estate sales can be hectic. Another benefit to professionally managed sales is that appraisers often look at the items in advance to confirm their worth. This isn’t like showing up a yard sale and not knowing if items have any worth.
Estate sales are a smart way to find some unique deals. Going in with a plan, a budget and showing up early to a professionally organized estate sale is a chance to find great deals on quality items. Anyone looking to furnish a home could end up spending half as much as planned!