Now I know we’re all pretty sick of the political fighting and current chaos- BUT don’t forget the value of some political memorabilia. Items these days that might be considered trash today could become highly collectible later. Here are some reminders as to how to establish, grow and possibly liquidate your political memorabilia.

Finding Great Deals

It takes experts to understand the value of different collectibles such as political memorabilia. In addition, many of the items require special care to avoid damage from moisture or dust. Look for good estate sale and online vintage shop listings. They should have lengthy inventories listed of the sale content. You can even set-up alerts on your apps to let you know if certain key words have been triggered. Let sellers and dealers know you’re in the hunt for a particular item or genre. If a buyer can develop a good rapport with dealers involved in estate sales, then it makes it easier to find a great deal. For a general idea of items coming up, take a look at galleries posted online for upcoming sales.

Join National Organizations

Anyone interested in buying political memorabilia should join a national organization to learn more about the process from other members. By joining a collector’s group, you can attend meetings where experts teach about the history of collectibles that feature various presidents. At meetings, you will learn how to inspect items carefully for damage and repairs before making an expensive purchase. Authenticity documents are easily faked with modern methods such as computer software, so having knowledge of real certificates is important.

Learn To Research

Fortunately, individuals interested in learning more about buying political memorabilia can use the internet to find information including full-color photographs. Many buyers visiting estate sales bring along cell phones to research as they shop for collectibles. If you are buying high priced items, make sure you’re doing your homework before committing to an item.

Understand Resale Value

Learning about buying political memorabilia is a lifelong process that requires understanding the resale value and scarcity of items. Many collectors choose to specialize in certain types of items such as political buttons, signs or posters. Alternatively, historians might seek rarer items such as signed letters, books or maps. Additional specialty items that collectors want to find at estate sales include plates, mugs, and textiles with images of former or current presidents. Individuals wanting to know more about selling or buying collectibles featuring presidents can contact Prestige Estate Services for information. If you need help assessing the value or appraising your collection please let us know. We’d be thrilled to help out!