Collectors scour estate sales for reasonably priced antiques in great condition.
If you have more modern tastes you may have driven straight by these sales without a passing glance. Estate sales, however, are an excellent place to find all sorts of everyday items at bargain-bin prices.
Ready to get hunting? Check out our list of the best estate sale finds!

1. Large Furniture

Estate sales are fantastic for finding gently used, high-quality furniture. You can often find gorgeous pieces that have been lovingly maintained for IKEA prices.

2. Paintings and Art Prints

Are your walls looking a bit bare? Estate sales are an excellent place to stock up on beautiful artwork for your home. And each sale offers its own distinct collection.
Buying art for yourself at an estate sale is easy – go with your tastes and preferences.
If you are looking to purchase art to flip, you need to be a bit more discerning. Keep up-to-date on current art trends and themes. Do some research on which artists are yielding the most money at auctions.

3. Kitchenware

Estate sales offer a wide variety of kitchen goods for great prices. You can get everything from everyday cooking utensils to vintage collectibles.
Many items will be gently used and look like new.
Don’t forget about small appliances. You can get small kitchen appliances like stand-mixers or microwaves for a fraction of the retail cost. Make sure they work before you buy them!

4. Jewelry

Estate sales are phenomenal places to find amazing pieces of jewelry. And jewelry is often a prominent feature at estate sales.
Prices for estate sale jewelry can range from amazing deals on diamonds or gold, to very expensive for vintage pieces.

5. Books

Estate sales often prominently feature large collections of books. Avid readers will delight in a wide range of titles from paperback pulp fiction to classic novels.
Estate sales are a great opportunity to expand your personal library. You can load up on tons of inexpensive books for less than it would cost you to go to the library!
Sometimes you can even find rare first edition books !

Search for the Best Estate Sale Finds

Estate sales are excellent places to find unique items at low prices. Searching for estate sale finds can be time-consuming, but the effort is well worth it when you find the perfect piece.
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