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We specialize in personal property appraisals, catering specifically to clients and attorneys involved in divorce and the dissolution of marriage situations that often necessitate a fair and accurate appraisal of personal property assets, a process where Prestige Estate Services excels, ensuring an equitable distribution and clear understanding of the value of shared items during this crucial transition. Our team offers precise, fair market value assessments of home contents, ensuring equitable distribution of assets. Recognized for our professionalism and accuracy, we provide detailed, court-compliant appraisal reports, making us a trusted partner in the Denver legal community for all marital property appraisal needs.

  • Specialized in personal property appraisals for divorce proceedings in Denver, Colorado.

  • Expert valuation of home contents for fair and equitable asset distribution.

  • Trusted by clients and attorneys for accurate, court-compliant appraisal reports.

  • Renowned for professionalism and precision in marital property appraisals.

  • Committed to providing detailed and unbiased assessments for divorce cases.

Prestige Estate Services Denver: Specializing in Personal Property Appraisals for Divorce Proceedings

Expert Personal Property Appraisals in Denver's Divorce Cases

At Prestige Estate Services in Denver, Colorado, we understand the critical role of accurate personal property appraisals in divorce proceedings. Our team is dedicated to providing comprehensive appraisal services that cater to the unique needs of clients, attorneys, and the intricacies of divorce court processes.

Navigating Divorce with Precision and Care

Divorce can be a challenging journey, particularly when it comes to the equitable distribution of assets. As Denver's leading experts in personal property appraisals, we offer our expertise to ensure fair and objective valuation of all items within the home. Our approach is designed to provide clarity and support during this significant life transition.

Tailored Appraisal Services for Denver's Legal Community

We are proud to work alongside Denver's legal professionals, offering precise appraisal services that assist in divorce court proceedings. Our detailed reports and evaluations are tailored to meet the rigorous standards required in legal contexts, ensuring that every appraisal we conduct is thorough, accurate, and court-compliant.

"Prestige helped me recover the value that was left in the house after I left.  They came in and thoroughly documented the content to make it fair for both me and my spouse."

Comprehensive Asset Valuation for Equitable Distribution

Our Denver-based team specializes in the valuation of a wide range of personal property items, from everyday furnishings to unique collectibles. Understanding the importance of equitable distribution in divorce, we focus on providing fair market value assessments that aid in achieving a just division of assets.

Denver's Trusted Partner in Marital Property Appraisals

Prestige Estate Services is renowned for its integrity and professionalism in marital property appraisals. Whether you are an individual navigating a divorce or an attorney representing a client, our services are designed to offer reliable, unbiased appraisals that stand up to the scrutiny of Denver's divorce courts.

Serving Clients and Attorneys with Expertise and Empathy

We recognize the emotional and financial complexities involved in divorce proceedings. Our team approaches each appraisal with a blend of expert knowledge and empathetic understanding, ensuring that our clients and their legal representatives receive the highest level of service and support.

Contact Prestige Estate Services for Your Appraisal Needs

If you are in Denver, Colorado, and require a personal property appraisal for a divorce case, Prestige Estate Services is here to assist you. Contact us today to learn more about our services and how we can support you through your divorce proceedings.

Divorce Appraisal FAQ's


Answer: Our team specializes in appraising a wide array of personal property items typically found in homes and even around the home such as cars, boats, trailers, or outdoor machinery. Personal property found inside the home typically includes but is not limited to, furniture, antiques, jewelry, artwork, collectibles, and even everyday household items. We understand that each item can have significant value, both monetary and sentimental, and our appraisals reflect a comprehensive understanding of their worth in the current market.

Online Video Consultation

Online Appraisal Consultation

Online Appraisal Consultation

We offer a Zoom video conference consultation option, for our clients who simply need a professional assessment of a home's content to help determine what to do with the items they have. Maybe you inherited a property full of content but don't know what is valuable and what isn't. Maybe you want to sell some of the content and keep others but you don't know what to keep and what to sell. Our appraisers can help point you in the right direction based on your particular goals. This service is billed at a rate of $75 per half hour and you can reserve up to a 1 hour appointment directly online.

Need An Appraisal? Do It Via Video

At Prestige Estate Services, we offer convenient online appraisal services conducted through video, allowing for accurate and comprehensive evaluations of personal property assets right from the comfort of your home. This modern approach ensures efficiency and accessibility, catering to clients who prefer a digital solution for their appraisal needs.

Online Photo Valuation

Prestige allowed my client peace of mind knowing the marital property would be given it's proper value and helping me in my divorce case.
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