Photo Apr 25 2024, 6 40 18 PM

Tools, Clocks, Antiques, 2 Trombones and a Tractor!!

Ok, so we don’t have a kitchen sink but we DO have everything else! 1957 Farm All Tractor and attachments, syrup boiling cauldron, antique plows and farming equipment, tools, tools, and more tools, vintage tvs, vintage ironing machine, foot lockers, antique corner sink, antique belt driven grain mill, vintage water skis, vintage bicycles, antique fan, antique power tools, flat irons, insulators, antique clocks, wooden ladders, vintage wheel barrows, 1950s Westinghouse refrigerator, 1950s General Electric refrigerator, turntables and HiFis, antique furniture, vintage baby carriage, vintage luggage, 10 piece French Walnut Dining Room set, Victorian furniture, watches, swords, records, MCM desk, oil lamps, oriental carpets, Hummel plates and bells, china, silver, 1950s bedroom furniture, camel saddles, Middle Eastern, brassware, vintage kitchen appliances, and much, much more!

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