Photo Jun 19 2024, 1 39 25 PM

Cars, Trucks, Tools and everything in between!

This is not one of our usual offerings but, if you like to dig, we will sell you the shovel! 
Trucks, Vintage Ford, Honda Motorcycle, two Volkswagens, Nissan sedan, Welding equipment, tool chests overflowing, ladders Tires and rims, concrete saw, oil tank, scaffolding walking boards, bicycles, bicycles, and more bicycles, lawnmowers, welding, tanks, commercial tool chests, furniture, they’re literally it’s just too much to list here. Right now we can guarantee not everything will be priced. This is the sale you want to come to and make a pile, a true scrappers paradise! Rain or shine this three day extravaganza is guaranteed to have something that you would want!

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