Business Liquidators

Do you have a business that is closing and needs to be liquidated promptly at a maximum profit? Here at Prestige Estate Services, we offer a one of a kind system to help you make the liquidation process as easy as possible. Our experienced team of sales people, marketers, and accounting staff will handle the entire process from the moment you join the Prestige family to the sale of your last item.

We begin by inventorying the physical assets of the business, this includes everything from copy machines to office furniture. We take photos of all the items and prepare them to be sold.

Then we connect with buyers in our proprietary national database of businesses that need the items you are selling. These businesses encompass a wide range of business sectors and often have a constant demand for the items that businesses usually liquidate. Our leads, combined with our marketing efforts will generate enough buzz around your business liquidation to get the best prices possible for the items being sold!

Give us a call today to schedule a free, and no obligation business liquidation meeting, to see whether our services fit your needs!

Business Liquidations – Home, Office, Store, Factory, we have done it!

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