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At Prestige Estate Services, we specialize in providing comprehensive estate liquidation services. Our experienced team handles every aspect of the process with efficiency and care, ensuring a smooth and respectful transition. From sorting and organizing to disposing of unwanted items, we manage it all, giving you peace of mind during a challenging time.

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Our Estate Liquidation Process


Call & Schedule A Walk Through

Reach out to us to book a walkthrough of the estate. Our specialists will visit the property to review the items, understand your specific needs, and create a personalized plan for the liquidation.


Estate Liquidation Preparations

We begin by thoroughly sorting and categorizing all items, determining what can be sold, donated, or discarded. Our team treats every item with the utmost respect, especially those with sentimental or significant value.


Sale Days

On sale days, we manage the entire estate sale process, attracting buyers and facilitating transactions. Our team takes care of everything from pricing and display to customer interactions, ensuring a successful sale.




Accounting & Proceeds Check

After the sale, we provide a summary of the financial report of all transactions and promptly deliver the proceeds check. Our process gives you the most insight and the best results as our network of followers is massive.  This drives up sales and in turn bigger profits!

Our team brings a wealth of experience and professionalism, expertly navigating the complexities of estate liquidation. Schedule a consultation to leverage our specialized knowledge and skills.

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Estate Sale Completed
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Cars Sold
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Delivering Excellence in Estate Liquidation Services

Our unwavering dedication to excellence means every aspect of estate liquidation is managed with the utmost care and professionalism. You can rely on us to handle the process efficiently and respectfully, offering you peace of mind during a challenging time.


Trust Experience

With decades of experience and a stellar track record, Prestige Estate Services is your go-to partner for estate clearance. Our team's expertise and meticulous attention to detail guarantee a smooth process from the initial consultation to the final clean-up. We have managed countless estate clearances successfully, delivering reliable and compassionate service at every step.

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