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At Prestige Estate Services, our Des Moines art appraisers combine decades of experience with local market knowledge to provide exceptional valuations. Our professional appraisers use advanced methodologies to deliver precise and comprehensive assessments, ensuring each piece of art is accurately evaluated.

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Our Art Appraiser's Process


Schedule A Consultation W/ An Appraiser

Our Des Moines art appraisers will discuss your specific appraisal needs, guiding you through the necessary documentation to ensure a smooth and efficient process. We provide clear guidance to help you understand each step, ensuring your requirements are fully addressed.


Onsite Visit

Our appraisers will visit your location in Des Moines to perform a thorough examination of each artwork. This includes taking precise measurements, assessing the condition, capturing high-resolution photographs, and gathering provenance information along with any unique details. This meticulous approach ensures a comprehensive and accurate evaluation.


Data Collection

We compile extensive data on each piece, including provenance, historical context, market trends, and specific attributes like condition, rarity, size, medium, artist, date, and style. This comprehensive data collection is crucial for delivering accurate and reliable appraisals.


Report Formation

Receive a detailed Des Moines art appraisal report that includes comprehensive documentation and precise value assessments. Our art appraiser's reports, provide a clear understanding of your art's worth, backed by thorough research and expert analysis, giving you confidence in the valuation.

Our Des Moines art appraisers are esteemed members of ISA, ASA, or AAA and hold IRS qualifications. Schedule a consultation to leverage their professional credentials and extensive local knowledge.

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Our Art Appraisers Deliver Exceptional Des Moines Art Appraisals

Prestige Estate Services is a leader in Des Moines for art appraisals, combining years of experience with detailed local knowledge. Our expert appraisers meticulously evaluate each piece, ensuring comprehensive documentation and precise valuations. From historical artifacts to modern art, we provide accurate and detailed appraisals. Our commitment to excellence ensures your art is valued with the highest level of professionalism, giving you clarity and confidence in your art's value.

Save Time & Money 

Great art appraisers can significantly save you time and money by offering precise and efficient evaluations. Their art expertise ensures that each piece of art is accurately assessed, preventing costly mistakes in valuation. They use advanced tools and techniques to streamline the appraisal process, reducing the time required for evaluations. Moreover, their in-depth knowledge and experience help identify the true worth of your artwork, ensuring you receive the correct value for insurance, sales, or estate planning purposes. By relying on professional art appraisers, you avoid undervaluing or overpaying for art, thus optimizing your financial outcomes and providing peace of mind.

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