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At Prestige Estate Services, we offer comprehensive art appraisal services backed by decades of expertise. Our qualified art appraisers ensure precise and thorough reports tailored to your needs.

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Our Art Appraisal Process


Schedule Your Consultation

Discuss your needs and requirements with our art experts. We often handle unique art pieces with historical significance.


Onsite Visit

We visit the location to evaluate the art collection, taking into account the environment and display conditions.


Data Collection

Gathering all necessary data and documentation related to each artwork, including provenance and artist background.


Report Formation

Providing a detailed art appraisal report with market insights and value assessment.

Our art appraisers are ISA, ASA, or AAA members and are I.R.S. qualified. Schedule a Consultation

Milestones in Motion

Pieces Of Art Appraised
Antiques Appraised
Appraisals Written
Age Of Oldest Item Appraised

Delivering Art Appraisals That Can Withstand Scrutiny

With decades of experience, extensive art-related services provided, and numerous appraisals written, we are your trusted art appraisal partner. Recently, we successfully appraised a private collection worth over $2 million.


Locations We Serve

Find our offices across the USA for convenient art appraisal services. Our extensive network ensures you receive local expertise and personalized service.

We Have A National Team Of Qualified In Art Appraisals To Assist You Or Your Client!

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