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Welcome to Prestige Estate Services, we are a national personal property appraisal company that has over 30 years of experience behind our team. We had humble beginnings in the beginning and have since grown through the success of our customer first model and exceptional experienced staff.  Over the years we have grown and have recently added services in the Greater Tampa, Florida area.   We also have appraisal service offices in, Minnesota, Florida, Colorado, Virginia, Georgia and plans for additional operational locations opening next year!

As a company we want to be judged by how we treat our clients, we are happy to say that nationally about 45% of our business comes from referrals. In many areas, we are the largest provider of appraisal services!

Regardless of your personal property appraisal needs, we have a appraisers with vast experience in several aspects of the business. We can help you with: 

  • I.R.S. charitable tax deductible donations reports 
  • Equitable distribution 
  • Entire estate inventorying and valuations 
  • Insurance appraisals 
  • Home inventorying and valuation reports. 
  • And various other appraisals such as verbal, photo appraisals and more! 
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Our national team of appraisers, combined with our local resources and proprietary business software allows us to move quickly through larger projects and execute with reliable and quick turn around times with tangible deliverables to our clients in a highly efficient, digitally bound professional document that is in U.S.P.A.P certified format.

PES can conduct a personal property appraisal for any content within the estate. Prestige Estate Services specializes in appraisals for clients dealing with three major areas:

Death – We work extensively with trust and fiduciary advisors who need appraisals of their client’s contents left behind by the deceased. The intended use of this report could be for estate tax purposes, appropriate allocation of assets to heirs and beneficiaries, preparing for liquidation efforts and working through probate requirements. 

Divorce – We work with divorce attorneys and CPAs to determine equitable division of property in a divorce.

Downsizing – We work with our clients who are moving or relocating partial or full estates. Often, it behooves them to donate or sell the items rather than move them cross country. An appraisal can help determine value or a write-off for tax purposes.

Appraisal reports are often used in legal matters such as divorces, insurance settlements, probate and charitable donations. Is it crucial that appraisers employ the highest set of standards in their appraisal review. At Prestige Estate Services, all our appraisers are compliant with the IRS guidelines and are qualified by the Appraisal Foundation’s “Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice” (USPAP).

Contact us today with any questions at: (515) 218-1611

Alternatively you can fill out the form above with all relative information and questions and an appraiser will reach out to you directly with those answers.


Not sure where to begin? We have answers to help you figure out what type of appraisal you may want or need. Contact us today by clicking on the contact button below.


Formal written appraisals are prepared in U.S.P.A.P standard protocols ensuring your report is properly prepared and accepted by all. One of our qualified appraisers will come to you and inspect the item and create the proper documentation for your project.


You can simply submit photos of items on our website and a digital report is quickly sent directly to you with the fair market value and information about the item


These are necessary when dividing personal property assets to appease marital divorce proceedings. Let us help make things fair!


It’s critical to maintain accurate personal property documentation of your family’s assets. We can assist with cloud based cataloging and inventory valuation database creation accessible by login.


Do you have an item in your home that is not currently covered by your insurance policy? Having accurate and updated information and valuations on items covered by insurance is important!

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