Collecting Estate Jewelry

Collecting Estate Jewelry The definition of estate jewelry is any jewelry that has been previously owned. It could be antique jewelry, or it could be retro jewelry, but as long as it was owned by another person, it is considered estate jewelry. Sometimes these pieces hold a special meaning for the person wearing it, or

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3 Traits of the Successful Collector

Traits of the Successful Collector The Motive – Money or Memories? Our society acknowledges that almost everyone has some innate desire to collect something. We have television shows today that focus on all aspects of collecting and collections and many groups of collectors exist that get together regularly to share their latest finds while searching

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Five Favorite Names in Collectable Clocks

Five Favorite Names in Collectable Clocks Old clocks are always a collector’s favorite, and these functional collectibles add beautiful accents to mantles, desks and hallways. Here are five favorite names that are worth your time when you’re browsing. 1. The Ingraham Clock Company: Starting in 1828, this Connecticut clockmaker patented 17 parts for clocks and

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Tips for Collecting Movie Posters

Tips for Collecting Movie Posters Collectors often come to us at Prestige Estate Services looking for movie memorabilia and movie posters. The glamour and mystique of Hollywood are captured by these fun and popular collectibles. If you’d like to start collecting movie posters, read on for some tips. Movie posters are actually a type of

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Route 66 Memorabilia: Remembering a Cultural Icon

Route 66 Memorabilia: Remembering a Cultural Icon Prestige Estate Services operates across Colorado and can help you with a buy-out should you need one. Many people choose to have estate sale, but there sometimes aren’t enough goods to sell in order to make this profitable. That’s where Prestige Estate Services come in. They specialize in

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Pretty Primitives: Embracing Imperfections

Pretty Primitives: Embracing Imperfections What Are Primitives? Simply put, primitives are antiques that boast a time-worn appearance but are still intact as a whole. Peeling or chipped paint, rust, faded coloring and dings in woodwork are all desirable qualities for those who love primitives. Primitive collectibles might look their age but they don’t act it.

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Colorado Estate Sales And Antiques

The Great American West is unique in its history and culture, and the items from yesteryear bear up this uniqueness consistently. The South, the Easter seaboard, the great plains and Appalachia all possess their own distinct characters, and their own attendant set of uniquely distinct antiques and cultural items. Out West, however, a culture developed

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6 Things To Look For At An Estate Sale

6 Things To Look For At An Estate Sale Estate sales benefit buyers as well as the host family. Through estate sales, buyers are able to acquire high-end antiques at a reasonable rate, and the families of the departed are able to liquidate the estate and put the money to good use. In order to

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Top 5 Ways To Have A Great Estate Sale Experience

Tips For a Great Estate Sale Shopping Experience by Prestige Estate Services  Some of you veteran estate salers out there may already know some of these tips, but they are nice to hear anyway.   Follow these tips and I guarantee you a better estate sale experience in Denver. 1:  Show up early!  I can’t stress

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Estate Sales and a Holy Bible!

Holy Bible! I mentioned a few days ago that we often run across gorgeous antiques and amazing treasures in our estate sales.  Well, let me show you one of our latest treasures. This is a Bible that has a copy right date of 1889!  The cover is stamped leather with a gold floral detail.  Not

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The Changing Face of Estate Sales

The Changing Face of Estate Sales by Prestige Estate Services View this video to see what it’s like at the opening moments.  This video lasted about eight minutes and twenty seconds.  We will show you a small clip!  Prestige Estate Services – Denver Estate Sale, Opening minutes!. The Estate Sale, it can be foreign, intimidating,

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