Denver Estate Sales a Bargain for Coin Collectors

Estate sales can be a terrific place to find collectible coins. If you are someone who already collects coins, or you want to get started, then an estate sale is a great place to find interesting coins. One of the advantages of buying coins at an estate sale is that it will often times be

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Eager to Find Rare Books? Look at Estate Sales!

Begin a Book Collection by Visiting Local Estate Sales If you are a literature lover and in the mind to begin a hobby, then you should consider beginning a book collection. This is a great way to capitalize on discarded treasures at discounted price. Many people do not even read real books anymore because everything

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Are Beanie Babies Worth It?

For a few months in the 90s, Beanie Babies were among the most popular toys in the world. People were hoarding them, putting them in safe deposit boxes and planning to sell them in the future to fund their retirement or put their kids through college. Unfortunately, the Beanie Baby craze quickly died out and

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Barbershop Memorabilia Has Broad Appeal

Whether you are buying, selling, or collecting, barbershop memorabilia represents the perfect trifecta for antique lovers. Aging boomers nostalgic for relics of their youth are searching for all things barbershop; there has been a recent resurgence of new “old-fashioned” barbershops whose owners want their decor to reflect the barbershops of yesteryear, and barbershop memorabilia appeals

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Should You Buy That Map?

If you found a map at an estate sale, how would you know if it was valuable or not? While there are many variables that can determine how much a map is worth, using common sense can help you determine a map’s value just by looking at it. Is There Anything Unusual on the Map?

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Are Action Figures Worth the Effort?

Estate sales are prime locations for collecting action figures. They are full of items the sellers would refer to as junk. One person’s junk can be a treasure to someone else. A major factor in collecting action figures is the price point. Breaking the bank or accumulating a pool of debt because of over-zealous collection

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Collecting Rare Records at Estate Sales

Often people wish they could hear songs that were popular when they were children. Elvis and The Beatles are among the artists whose music brings back fond memories. Some of the records produced in bygone years are worth thousands of dollars. Some are worth more than that. A local estate sale may be a very

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Dolls: A Collector's Item or a Forgotten Toy?

One of the latest trends to sweep the desires of invested collectors is vintage dolls. These former childhood toys have been loved for generations from rag dolls to porcelain beauties. Dolls over the last century have become more and more realistic and detailed. Those made of fine materials and painstaking detail are worth the most.

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Six Tips For Starting A Military Memorabilia Collection

If you’re a history buff who is interested in military ephemera, Prestige Estate Services can help you add to or begin a collection. If you’re fascinated by the military and its part in history, collecting artifacts and memorabilia is a great way to personalize history in a meaningful way for you and estate sales are

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Putting a Price on Time

Time Will Tell Would you believe that some of the new luxury watches of today sell for as much as three-quarters of a million dollars? While that is beyond the budget of most of us, it illustrates a fascination many of us have with fine timepieces. You may not find many of these luxury watches

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Six Things Every Comic Book Collector Needs

As you very well may know, collecting comic books can be a rewarding experience. One of the best places to look for them is as estate sales. When searching for the books, it is imperative to purchase ones that are in tip-top shape and of value. If you have just begun your comic book collection,

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Movie Memorabilia Collecting: Whose getting the Oscars?

The Moving Image It was shortly after 1867 when the first movie camera was patented. With an exotic name of zoopraxiscope, it wasn’t until 1895 that a paying audience “went to the movies.” While there is no indication that popcorn was sold at the event, it most definitely started a tradition that is enjoyed by

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Top 6 Finds at Estate Sales

Sometimes there are certain items that you may collect that can only be purchased from an estate sale. Everyone who collects anything knows that you can usually find the one thing that will complete your collection at these sales. There are so many things of value that are auctioned off, but many people assume that

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