If you enjoy collecting vintage toys, then shopping at estate sales in Colorado and nearby regions is an excellent way to find what you’re seeking. One might think that it is easy to find vintage toys, but in many cases, they are in sub-par condition with discoloration, damage or missing components. As one might imagine, this is because toys from the 1920s until the present have likely been played with extensively by numerous children. The best vintage toys to find are in mint or perfect condition, and these items are usually still inside cardboard boxes or wrapped in plastic.

Shop for Certain Types of Toys

When you find a toy in mint condition, it was likely purchased by an adult who kept the item in a closet or on a bookshelf. Depending on its rarity and desirability, a mint condition toy can cost hundreds or thousands of dollars. However, if these numbers are not in your budget, you can also find collectible or vintage toys at more affordable prices at estate sales by narrowing your focus. Various manufacturers produce many different types of toys, and you can decide to look for toys designed for certain holidays such as Easter or Halloween.

Categories of Vintage Toys

Alternatively, you might choose to collect toys made of a certain variety of materials, including metal, cloth or plastic. There are also categories of toys that you can shop for, including:

  • Riding toys – bicycles, scooters and unusual styles
  • Stuffed animals – rabbits, bears, and others
  • Miniature toys – race cars, fire engines, and tractors
  • Plastic toys – animal shapes, play dishes, and rattles
  • Wooden toys – puzzles, animals or blocks
  • Trains – electric trains and accessories
  • Dolls – all shapes and sizes
  • Balls – glass marbles and other spheres
  • Board games – chess, checkers, and other games

Get to Know the Estate Sale’s Organizers

When you decide to shop for vintage toys at estate sales, it is a good idea to get to know the organizers. The experts who organize estate sales frequently have appraisers look at a household’s contents to determine the value of items. The organizers are responsible for cataloging the items available at an estate sale and notifying the public about what is available. Some organizers provide detailed information about what is for sale along with photographs to encourage buyers to shop.

Examine Vintage Toys Carefully for Damage Before Making a Purchase

If you have decided to collect particular types of vintage toys, then you understand the underlying value of the merchandise available at an estate sale. Today, most buyers also bring along an iPad or smartphone to check the current value of items while at the estate sale, and it is also possible to communicate with other collectors to ask their opinion before buying a toy. Toys with damage such as cracks, missing parts or fading are worth less in the collectible marketplace but are still important when you care to build an extensive collection.