There are some items from the past that are meant to stay there (orange shag carpet, anyone?), but some antiques are maintaining their relevancy.
Collectors and home decorators have fallen in love with antique vanities of late, sparking a new trend in home design. They’ve found plenty of ways to give new life to old pieces that are perfect for just about any space.
Take a look at some creative ways you can repurpose furniture into an antique vanity to suit your design style:


Turning vintage dressers into antique vanities has become a favorite among DIY-ers. The resulting product adds warmth and opulence to any space, dressing up even the most outdated bathrooms.
Plus, with ample drawer space, opting for a dresser as a bathroom vanity not only adds function but also practicality.
However, keep in mind that depending on the layout of the dresser, you may have to resize or eliminate some of your drawer storage to make room for the plumbing.


With similar benefits as dressers, vintage desks can create an upscale vibe in your bathroom without spending a fortune. Desks with drawer space give you room to hide all your important toiletries without the clutter. Add a tufted stool that slides under the desk and you’ve got a dream dressing room.

Turning Old Funiture Into Antique Vanities

As one of the top design trends of 2017, transforming an old desk or dresser into a vanity might be the piece your bathroom has been missing. At a time when consumers are ditching big box stores in lieu of unique pieces, opting for a DIY vanity project can give you the perfect look for your space.
It’s easier than you might think:
First, you’ll need to gather dimensions to figure out how much space you have to fill.
From there, you can check out estate sales, flea markets, or trade listings to scope out your options.
Once you find your perfect piece, be prepared to put a little work into it. A few hours of sanding may give it the smooth-as-butter finish you crave. If you’re opting for a rustic look, you might consider aging or weathering techniques.
Painting or staining your vanity can ensure your new piece matches the rest of your decor. Sealing your work will help your vanity stand up to water challenges so it will last as long as your taste in style.
Once you pick out a sink and fixtures, you can have a custom countertop made to tie your look together (if necessary).
Installing the fixtures and connecting the plumbing in an existing bathroom is often a DIY job. However, if you’ve never done it before you may save yourself time and hassle by hiring a professional.
Add a few accessories, like a toilet paper holder or towel bar, and you’re done! You’ll be able to enjoy your one-of-a-kind antique vanity with minimal work – and a much lower price tag than having one custom made for you.

Wrap Up

If you’re looking to add character to your bathroom, antique vanities can help you get the look you crave. Check out our blog for more home decor trends and ideas.