In both today’s society and the past, art has always been a highly sought-after commodity. So, it should come as no surprise that there lies tremendous interest, and thus value, in antique art. While you may know some of the more popular antique artists, such as Vincent van Gogh or Pablo Picasso, there are a plethora of others who are less known but whose paintings still hold significant value.

In this article, we will discuss four of these lesser-known artists and describe the kind of values that each of their works can hold. If, after, or perhaps before, reading this article, you suspect that a piece of art that you own could be valuable, it is a good idea to have this item appraised. In order to determine the true value of an item, especially for legal or insurance purposes, you’ll need a professional appraisal.

Here’s a closer look at a few antique artists and what the value of their work could potentially be.

Maurice Leloir

The first artist to be discussed in this article is Maurice Leloir. Leloir was born in Paris in 1853 and is best known for his work in illustrations and paintings. Born into a family of artists, Leloir was involved with the arts from a young age and worked with everything from costumes to watercolors to even films.

Maurice Leloirs’ most sought-after pieces are his paintings and illustrations. One of his pieces of work, titled “Voltaire’s Last Visit to Paris,” sold at auction for $669,200. This was an oil canvas work of his that was created in 1878.

In reality, there is a wide range for which Leloirs’ pieces are valued. His work can range anywhere from a couple of hundred dollars to hundreds of thousands of dollars. The huge range in the worth of his works is dependent on size, type of work, and age.

While Leloirs work is sure to be worth something, the only way to know the true authenticity and value of a piece of art such as one done by him is to have it appraised by a professional.

Frida Kahlo

Frida Kahlo is a famous Mexican painter who was born in 1907 in Coyoacán, Mexico City, Mexico. Kahlo is best known for her self-portraits and her attention to detail. Many of Frida Kahlo’s works are composed of vibrant colors, and each piece aims to convey an important message. She is well known for her ability to accurately depict the female form and the plight many indigenous people face.


Kahlo’s pieces also have a wide range in valuation. Her work is known to go for anywhere from a hundred dollars to upwards of thirty-four million dollars. Her painting titled “Diego y yo” recently sold for 34.9 million dollars in auction.


If you suspect that you could possess a piece of Frida Kahlo’s art or are looking to purchase one for yourself, make sure that it is professionally appraised so that you can be assured of its true value and legitimacy.

Antonio Frilli

Antonio Frilli was born in Italy in 1860 and was a highly sought-after sculptor. He typically worked with alabaster and marble in order to hand carve his various statues and figure busts. Frilli was a full-time artist and did commissions for both private and public works. His work ranges in size and material, but his attention to detail and precision is what makes his pieces so valuable.

Antonio Frilli’s sculptures range in price from a little over a hundred dollars to over two hundred and thirty thousand dollars. The factors that play into the valuation of one of his pieces include, but are not limited to, the size, material, and origin of the piece. Frilli’s work is well known globally, and this helps to increase the value of his items as well.

Final Thoughts

Antique art collecting has not only been popular in the past but will only continue to grow in the future. It is a vast market and includes many artists that most people have likely not heard of. 

When you need to determine the value of antique or collectible art, it is important to hire a professional appraiser that can provide you with not only background information on your piece but a documented report as well. A professionally prepared report is accurate, detailed, and accepted by a wide range of courts, insurance companies, and other organizations.