You never know what you’re going to find at an estate sale. Much of it depends on the recently deceased’s tastes.
Not everyone enjoys Asian inspired furniture or artwork. There’s also no guarantee the items are in great condition.
But you also never know what types of treasures are hidden you might find. Often, there are a few gems to find and if you’re really lucky, it’s priced much lower than buying new.
Of course, that only works if you know what you’re looking for. To help you become a professional shopper, here are the top three things to look for at estate sales.

1. Art Work And Prints Are Among The Top Things To Look For At Estate Sales

One of the best things to buy at estate sales is art prints. You’ll always find a unique selection at every estate sale.
Oil paintings are among the top antiques to look for at estate sales. Stay abreast on which themes are the most popular amongst art collectors.
Find out which illustrators are worth the most amount of cash at an auction and look for their work at estate sales.
If you’re looking for yourself, find what you like that compliments your decor.

2. Vintage Toys And Games Are Great Estate Sale Finds

If you’re looking for antiques to purchase, look for old toys and games. The toys you played with as a kid are often worth a lot of money now.
Toys such as Legos are worth a lot of money. Especially Legos from the Star Wars line. Actually, anything Star Wars related has value, even action figures released now are expected to hold value in the future.
Any toys from the 1980s, especially ones with their own shows like “My Little Pony” is worth a lot now that nostalgia is high. Even board games are worth a good chunk of cash these days.
Look for toys and games in pristine condition that are still in its original box. It’s worth more if it’s never been opened.

3. Kitchenware Is What Sells At Estate Sales

One great estate sale find is any type of kitchenware. No matter what you end up buying, you’ll always get a better deal than if you buy it from any store.
That’s especially true for small kitchen appliances. Some vintage brands like Sunbeam are now collectibles.
If you’re looking for yourself, you can find tons of old china and fancy glassware. Most of it doesn’t have much of a market value anymore but some of it like Royal Crown Derby still does.
Look for brand names as they still can fetch its original value. Kitchen antiques to look for at estate sales include Pyrex, cookie jars, and cast iron pans.
Anything that’s unique, kitschy, and catches someone’s eye is also a great purchase. Either you’ll enjoy it as a conversation piece or someone else will pay good money for it.

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