Estate sales are carried out by many different types of households, and you never know what you might find on offer.
We’ve seen collections of arrowheads, rare cars and vintage collectibles up for grabs in our estate sales, among many other treasures.
They can even be a great place for eagle-eyed shoppers to find antique engagement rings – you may be able to grab a real bargain.

1920s Art Deco Engagement Rings

The 1920s are maybe best characterized as being the era of striking art deco designs. The rings from this period feature bold and striking geometric patterns, the likes of which are hard to find today.
A century later, they haven’t lost any of their charm.
Original art deco rings cost thousands of dollars, but you might be able to pick up antique engagement rings at estate sales for a great price.

Solitaire Rings

Solitaire rings feature a carefully cut diamond at their center. This may be surrounded by a circle of smaller jewels, which sometimes also extend around the side of the ring.
Their strength lies in their simplicity, and they are variously crafted to fit yellow or white gold, or sometimes even platinum rings.
Antique engagement rings of this style can be very beautiful – and very valuable.

Stackable Rings

Micro-pavé diamonds may be used across ‘stacked’ metals to create truly unique rings. For example, they may use different gold tones to create three ‘levels’ of the ring. Some use a mixture of metals to create a particularly distinctive style.
If you come across this type of ring at an estate sale, do your best to make it yours. You probably won’t come across them as often as the other types listed here.

Hexagonal Diamond Rings

For people who really wanted to make a statement about their engagement, huge hexagonal diamond rings were the way to go.
Now they’re being passed on, and you could scoop one up at a fraction of the price it’d sell for new.
These really are few and far between, as most ring makers would simply struggle to find a diamond big enough! But at an estate sale, your luck could just be in. You might also find large gems cut into other exotic shapes.

Princess Cut Rings

Rings featuring ‘princess’ cut gems were developed in the 1960s and 1970s, and this cut has now become incredibly popular.
The face-up side of the gem is cut square, while the bottom is cut into an inverted pyramid. The result is a gem that mirrors light beautifully, casting the dazzling reflection around the room.
You’ll find these gems set in many different metals, and they sometimes also feature smaller pavé diamonds too, which set off the main gem perfectly.

Find Antique Engagement Rings – and More

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