Treasures from the Syracuse Ornamental Company are always in high demand by collectors and antique dealers. Collectibles made by the Syracuse Ornamental Company were created from compounds that were poured into molds, and the results were decorative products that looked as though they were hand-carved wood.
The company created thousands of unique collectible items. The reason they’re so valued by collectors today is that the company went out of business in 2007, so their unique products are becoming more rare and hard to find.
When you buy Syroco or any collectible, it’s essential to determine its value to make sure you’re getting an authentic item. One of the best ways to find Syroco decorative wood collectibles is at estate sales. When professional estate services handle a sale, you can be sure that all of the items are appraised by experts that are knowledgeable about the value of antiques and collectibles.
One of the ways to determine if an item is authentic Syroco and was a product licensed to another company is that collectors insert another “c” in the Syroco brand name, indicating that it was created by a company other than the parent company. You can also determine if a collectible is authentic Syroco by looking at the back or the bottom. You should see a stamp with “Made in USA, Syroco, Syracuse, NY.” It may also include an item number, especially for collectibles made by the company in limited quantities.
The value of Syroco collectibles that you buy will depend on different factors. If the collectible was created when the company first began production, it might fetch a larger price. However, Syroco items that were produced later and are in vintage condition are likely to sell at higher prices, especially if it was created in limited quantities. You may also come across an item that is designed in a more unusual style of Syroco that a collector is willing to pay more for.
Syroco collectibles are known for their intricate scrollwork and elaborate designs. Many of the designs feature floral and ribbon motifs. Country-style folk art designs, ships and nautical motifs, and nature are also popular with Syroco products.