Route 66 Memorabilia: Remembering a Cultural Icon

Prestige Estate Services operates across Colorado and can help you with a buy-out should you need one. Many people choose to have estate sale, but there sometimes aren’t enough goods to sell in order to make this profitable. That’s where Prestige Estate Services come in. They specialize in antiques and collectibles, amongst which are Route 66 memorabilia.
route 66 map
Route 66 is a cultural icon. The Will Rogers Highway has been featured in many movies and songs and other elements of popular culture. The route as it was originally designed no longer exists, but rather certain states have adopted parts of the highway and added it along to their own highway system. Because it is so well known, many people look for memorabilia of the highway. So much so, in fact, that a large number of states are no longer using any kind of signage along the route, as it is continuously stolen. One method of deterring sign-thieves, is to paint signage directly on the road itself. That being said, if you are on the lookout for Route 66 memorabilia, you have to make sure it isn’t a stolen item and that it is genuine.
James and Bernice Shively have recently created a replica pump station, filled with Route 66 memorabilia, from the platforms to the actual pump stations and from the counter to the cash register and even a checker board and a gas burning stove. Their efforts is part of an movement that has brought Route 66 back on the map, as their inspiration came from a disused pumping station along the route itself. All of the products used in the new station are authentic and have been found by scouring flea markets, auction houses and even through the grace and goodness of friends or people with a similar interest. The Shively’s have really put in a whole lot of effort in making their dream station and they have served as a great example for many people who have similar interests. They know what to look for and where to look, and they understand how you can recognize whether or not a product is genuine and whether it has been stolen from the actual highway.
Although there are no magical strategies to ascertain whether or not your products are genuine, someone from Prestige Estate Services will be happy to take a look and determine whether you have anything of interest. Similarly, if you are a collector yourself, you may want to visit the Prestige Estate Services website and see whether they currently stock any products that you may be interested in. Because it is done through one of Colorado’s most respected estate sales companies, you know that any product you purchase is completely genuine. This means that you don’t have to worry about accidentally purchasing a product that has been taken straight off the highway without permission. Best of all, the prices are always fair.