Recently, some truly amazing pop culture discoveries were made. Action Comics #1, the comic book that featured the first appearance of Superman, sold at an auction for over a million dollars. Once, 16mm prints of episodes of the classic Doctor Who television show were found in a private collection collecting dust. The episodes were presumed lost forever for several decades.
For those who love to collect rare pop culture items, an estate sale in Colorado just might be the venue to check out.
Now, the chance you are going to find an incredibly elusive and rate item is slim. That said, the chance does always exist. However, you may find some truly valuable items up for sale in the sale and may be able to acquire them at a reasonable price. Also remember, even if the value is only to you because it brings back fond childhood memories, what is more valuable than that?
The key to knowing whether or not pop culture collectibles are going to be available at an estate sale is to follow companies that host such events. Pictures and lists on social media and websites might mention or show collectibles along the lines of comic books, motion picture and theater memorabilia, sports cards.
Coming across a cache of rare golden, silver, and bronze age comic books could be a dream come true for the lifelong collector.
Just be sure you have a good idea as to the value of these or any collectibles prior to making a bid. Scarcity, demand in the market, and, of course, the condition of the comics factor into their worth. You definitely do want to place the right bid and doing so is going to be based on having a proper understanding of their value.
Anyone who is not sure how to grade rarities or collectibles should bring someone who does with them or send them a picture for their opinion. Or, at the very least, only attend estate sales run by a reputable service that provide completely honest assessments of the condition of things on sale.