There are numerous collectibles available at an estate sale when a homeowner is getting rid of their possessions. Most families have old board games stored in their closets or basements, and it is important for an estate sale manager to inspect and price these items. It is rare to find a board game that is in excellent condition with all of its pieces because these items were used multiple times by children and adults. However, many collectors will search for several games that have missing pieces to make one complete game that is more valuable.

Types of Board Games Available at Prestige Estate Sales

Some collectors look for only a few types of board games, but there are numerous varieties of these collectibles available, including:
• Uncle Wiggily
• Sorry!
• Hungry Hungry Hippos
• Hi Ho! Cherry-O
• Candy Land
• Yahtzee
• Trivial Pursuit
• Monopoly
• Scrabble
These are only a few of the most commonly known board games, but there are hundreds of rarer ones available.

Searching For Particular Brands of Board Games

Some board games are targeted for use by children or teenagers while others are primarily designed for adults, and many collectors focus on specific categories of board games. Besides, there are several well-known manufacturers of board games, and a collector might only search for the board games made by a particular company. Some of the most popular game manufacturers in the United States include:
• Milton Bradley Company in Springfield, Mass.
• Palladium Books in Westland, Mich.
• Strat-O-Matic in Glen Head, N.Y.
• Mattel in El Segundo, Calif.
• Hasbro, Inc., in Pawtucket, R.I.

Understanding Important Facts About Board Games

Understanding the facts about some of the manufacturers of games can help you find authentic vintage collectibles. Some of the most popular board games were made by the Milton Bradley Co., throughout the 1950s and the 1980s, but Hasbro, Inc acquired this brand’s name. Today, Hasbro no longer uses Milton Bradley’s name on its products. With this information, you can determine when many board games were sold, helping you to understand a price at an estate sale.

How to Inspect Vintage Sets

When you are looking at a board game at a Prestige estate sale, there are several things to look for before making a purchase. Check these things first:
• The condition of the cardboard box
• Does the board game have all of its game pieces?
• Does the board game have an odor?
• Is the board game dirty or damaged by moisture?
• Is the board game in its original sealed plastic wrapper?
• Are the individual board game pieces in good condition?
It is impossible for every collector to remember all of the specific details concerning all of the board games available at estate sales. If you are shopping at an upcoming Prestige estate sale, then talk to the managers before the event to understand what is available or bring along a smartphone so that you can quickly research a particular type of board game.
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