Are you a collector of folk art? Maybe you have always loved folk art but have never purchased a piece for your home. Well, the good news is that folk art is one of the easiest types of artwork to start collecting. It is the one style of artwork that average people can own.
Most original artwork is very expensive. It is only affordable for the extremely rich. If you like Monet or Picasso, you will have to be satisfied with a replica poster. Many people would like to own an original work of art. That’s why folk art is so fantastic. You can find original pieces of art at bargain prices.

Where to Find Folk Art?

A great place to find folk art is at an estate sale. Folk art is oftentimes found in people’s homes. Unlike some other types of art, folk art is commonly used as decoration. It is not uncommon to find folk art quilts, sculptures, or pottery at an estate sale. Many people use these items in everyday life. You might see a beautiful quit hung on someone’s wall. Likewise, you might see a vintage work of sculpture being used as a table centerpiece.
When an estate goes up for sale many of these works of art are then made available. It is not uncommon for old homes to have a few pieces of folk art inside. The owners might not have even considered them art. Unless the piece was a painting, it might have just been considered a practical item such as a vase, quilt, or unique wooden serving bowl.
An estate sale is a great place to find folk art. You can decorate your home with wonderful, authentic pieces of American artwork. The great thing is that most pieces will be within your budget.