Is the size of your property dampening your enthusiasm and efforts on decoration? Small properties are not bad, per se. As a matter of fact, the so-called “tiny” or “micro” homes are now all the rage. Besides, there are plenty of tips and creative ideas on how to decorate your property comfortably. In fact, you can make your home appear much bigger through the right decor.
In this modern era, many families compromise on the size of the property. They buy homes that are compact, affordable and located where they want to live most.
A major challenge in compact homes is storage. It is difficult to decorate a tiny home and introduce more space. The trick is deciding how to optimize space optimally.
Fortunately, there are many ways to have both a great appearance and enough room to put everything. These tips will ensure that your home doesn’t look cramped or overdone.

#1 Simplicity is the Key

The key to spacious homes is simplicity. The property should be well-defined and decorated with a defined purpose. Simplicity here doesn’t revolve around contemporary designs. Instead, you can go beyond contemporary decor.
Simplicity can be achieved with classical designs too. Many homeowners use antique items to boost the look and character of their homes.
Do not invest in bulky furniture. Try to use only furniture pieces that serve a purpose (or several). When you introduce ample floor area, you will be able to increase the size of your property visually.

#2 Multi-functional pieces

The best way to use space and add more value to your property is with multi-functional pieces.
Think beds that have roll-out drawer’s underneath, plenty of shelving of any kind, tables that expand to accommodate more people (but only when needed) and so forth.
Vintage furniture can be very useful and inexpensive additions at times. Pieces designed with many compartments can be used in diverse ways. Don’t limit yourself to the original purpose of an object. For example, an old writing desk can make a handy vanity, with room for brushes, jewelry and more with the addition of a mirror.
Every compact home needs plenty of storage area. Insufficient storage space results in clutter and clutter can become a major eyesore, not to mention making spaces look smaller than they are. Try to build innovative storage solutions within, or underneath, objects that also serve another purpose.

#3 Glass and Mirrors

Any talk about decorating compact homes will be incomplete without glass and mirrors.
Glass is an interesting material that instantly adds space to homes. If you are focusing on a minimalistic design, glass and mirrors should top your list.
You can make use of glass/mirrors on your bathroom doors and wardrobes.
When mirrors are positioned at the right spot, you can boost the apparent size of your home, as well as add more light.
For a twist, find antique glassware and mirrors at an estate sale near you.

#4 Right Shades & Plenty of Light

The right textures and shades can introduce more depth to your home. Small spaces must be well lit.
In general, you will be able to scan a small home in a few minutes. If homeowners choose the right colors, lighting, and decor, they can cleverly fool the eye into believing a space is bigger than it is.
Make use of vintage lights that are slim and long. These lights will make your ceiling appear tall. Next, pair the vintage lights with indirect and direct lighting modes. Lighting modes produce interesting effects that can alter the feel inside a home.

#5 Use Brass

Finally, explore the use of brass.
Brass is a beautiful shade and both timeless and very trendy right now. It is a blend of copper and gold. Brass blends with other materials easily allowing you to produce interesting finishes.
Contemporary artists love to use brass to design sculptures and ornaments. In fact, brass is a favorite in many modern homes. Brass plays an integral role in classical and contemporary decors.
Try shopping for mirrors with brass frames. These frames don’t look too glitzy. Instead, it gives a subtle but spacious finish to compact homes and serves a double purpose by adding a mirror and brass.

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