Every family has one. Maybe it’s a lamp that has been around since as long as anyone can remember. Or perhaps it’s a piece of art that your Great Uncle picked up on a trip to the west.
Family heirlooms can at times be confounding. They hold a place of sentimental value, or at the very least family history, yet do they also have any monetary value?
These two sides will eventually need to be weighed when you become responsible for those pieces. You may then need to decide when to hire estate liquidators.

Assess Your Options

If you have an estate, large or small, that you are ready to liquidate you have three potential options to do that.
Garage sale. Estate sale. Auction (online or live).
Each of these is a valid way to sell items, but they all carry challenges.
If you hold a garage sale, you’ll be spending a lot of time in preparation. You’ll also be at the mercy of your own knowledge. Many people who hold garage sales underprice items they are unfamiliar with, and overprice those they have an attachment to.
You could sell through an auction house, but they are often selective about the items they will take.
Sure, you could sell online (and many people have made a career out of this). But do you want to deal with taking photos, posting items, tracking payments, shipping, and so on?

Estate Liquidators Make Things Easier

An estate sale is a preferred option for many because it brings in the experience of estate liquidators. They have a unique mix of sales and marketing knowledge that they can call on to help you find new homes for family treasures.

What Is This?

Estate liquidators have a varied knowledge base. They’ll be able to help you know if that piece of art from your Great Uncle is an amateur copy, or will pay for your next vacation.

Sunday Sales

They also know when to host a sale and where to advertise to get the maximum crowds at the door. The good estate liquidator knows what areas will tolerate a day before the sale walkthrough to get people excited about what’s there.

How Much?

Most importantly, they are pricing experts. They not only know how much something is worth, they know how much it’s worth in your area.
Since they are managing sales weekly, they’ll be aware that something like a teacup is a hot item right now, and that they can charge full price for it.

The Path to Success

If you want the liquidation of your items to be successful, it’s best to let the process take its course. Too many times, homeowners get directly invoived and spend their time arguing with estate liquidators over small things.
Separating emotion from reality when it comes to grandma’s taffy twirler can go a long way towards a successful sale for everyone.
When you are ready to discuss your estate, we’re here to talk.