Estate sales can reveal some truly amazing and rare finds. Owners of estates can collect all manner of different rarities, antiques, and valuables throughout their lifetime. In the event of an unfortunate passing, the belongings of the estate can head to the auction block or estate sale.
For someone who is interested in acquiring rare Turkey China transferware, an estate sale might be the only venue in which such items can be acquired, and acquired at a reasonable acquisition price. For well over a century, it was this type of China that was incredibly popular and was the preferred Thanksgiving serving china in the United States.
The term ”blue plate special” might even have its origins as fine china with a blue-colored turkey along with blue colored designs definitely drew attention once it was placed on a dinner table. Thanksgiving should be a special and memorable holiday. By selecting artistically brilliant china such as this, the holiday dinner does take on a very special significance. Rare china used only for very rare occasions is going to have such an effect.
Transferware Turkey China is even more rare, most much more valuable, and highly prized by collectors. Complete sets might be difficult to find though because this type of china was sold by the piece and not the set. A bit of research might have to be performed in order to learn what pieces do comprise a complete set.
Wall displays, platters, and maple- and oak-leaf designed framing plates are other rare collectibles worth procuring.
The questions asked by so many centers on how much they should pay at an estate sale or auction for this type of china. Research can reveal the answer to questions such as this.
The first thing to research is the person who previously owned the estate. Determining whether or not the former owner was known as a collector of rare and exquisite items is a must prior to making any bids.
In addition, requesting certification or proof of the china’s authenticity is reasonable. It will be doubly reasonable when the china is deemed to be rare and of high value. Anyone placing a bid or considering a purchase of the china must feel fully confident the items are authentic and actually worth the money being asked.
Inquiring in advance of the exact type of china being auctioned is going to be enormously helpful to those weighing their options as opening bids and ceiling figures on said bids. As soon as the person interested in buying the china learns the specifics about the selection, steps can be taken to perform adequate research on what the value is.
One other point has to be noted here. Value is going to be based on condition and not just rarity. The china should be graded. Is the china in mint condition or is it only in good condition? There is a huge difference between these two conditions. A mint condition piece is going to be far more valuable than one in good condition, although a selection in good condition is still going to have some value.
Ultimately, research is a very important step in acquiring the best Turkey China. Investing time in the research process is going to make your time at an estate sale or auction a lot more fruitful.