There can be some truly amazing finds to be discovered at a Colorado estate sale. Among the more interesting finds would be rare and exotic wines. Many homes have been built with wine cellars and these cellars might be filled with bottles upon bottles of wine. Certain selections might not necessarily be very rare or unique, but there just might be a few gems to be found. As long as you know what to look for, you just might come across a brilliantly rare selection of wines. Who knows? You may even discover a bottle of wine so rare there might be very few of those bottles in the world.
Experienced wine collectors are going to know immediately what to look for. Their experience allows them to take quick note of the very obvious signs that a wine is a rare or exquisite vintage. Novices to the world of wine collecting do need to educate themselves on what to look for when seeking out a truly rare item.
There are scores upon scores of different wines and vintages. The narrowing process begins with familiarizing yourself with wines that are known for being both rare and collectible. In the old days, the way to do this was to purchase an annual guidebook that revealed the price figures on wines. Some bottle listings may have come with an illustration depicting the wine and some might not. Today, the entire process is a great deal easier. There are scores of outstanding online resources capable of providing information about rare vintages along with hot selling items.
In truth, finding a very rare vintage is going to be, well, rare. Finding a bottle of wine that is over 100 years old at an estate sale might be possible when the person who owned the estate was a person known for collecting extremely rare and valuable ones. The average collector of wines likely collects reasonably priced and hot selling wines. Being familiar with what are the top hot sellers in terms of name of the winemaker and the year the wine was made can greatly enhance your ability to procure a decent wine.
Again, a little bit of research can go a long way towards determining whether or not a wine has value.
Value can also refer to how great the wine tastes and not necessarily the wine comes with a very high collectible value. Reading reviews about what particular brands of wine have a great taste definitely can aid in your decision to search out the best possible ones to own.
Certainly, you do want to visit estate sales of persons who were active and serious wine collectors. Not everyone with a wine seller is honestly all that interested in wine. The wine cellar is simply built for decorative home improvement value. The selection of the wines that fill it are hardly anything special. A person who is a true lover of fine wines is going to have a great many excellent selections in his/her collection. When the estate sale features this type of collector’s array of wine bottles, the chances of finding amazing wines increases immensely.