With Marvel and DC comics being turned into a multi-billion dollar industry, thanks to new blockbuster movies, now is a popular time to be collecting antique comic books. With the new resurgence in comic book collecting, it can be hard to determine what antique comic books are worth. Luckily, when looking to find out the value of an antique comic book, there are few indicators that could inform you of its worth. Read below to find out more.

Cover Price

When trying to determine the value of an older comic book, the first thing to look for is the price on the book’s front cover. If your comic book has a 10 cent price on the cover, this means it is either from the 1930s to 1950s or a less common one from the 1960s. The 10 cent comics from before the 1960s are considered rather sought after and can range in value from a couple hundred dollars to thousands of dollars. There are also rare cover prices for specific comic books that could fetch a higher price. To summarize, when looking to determine the value of a comic, the cover price can be a good early indicator of whether it is worth something.

Content and originality

After looking at the cover price, another thing to consider is the content of the comic. Typically superhero comics will fetch higher prices than any other comic. Specifically, original Spiderman, Captain America, and Superman comics are considered valuable. The value for these comics also increases the closer you get to the introduction of the characters. For example, the first comic book introducing Spiderman is the Amazing Fantasy, and in mint condition, it sells for over 1 million dollars. It is important to consider the characters involved, the type of comic, and originality when pricing is concerned.

Condition and Grading

Finally, as with most antiques, it is important to consider the comic book’s condition. Comic books are typically graded on a scale of 0.5 to 10 points. 0.5 is considered poor quality, whereas a 10 is considered a gem mint and in perfect condition. Since comic books are made of flimsy paper, it is sometimes hard to keep them in great condition. Due to this, the value of comic books can increase or decrease a fair amount depending on their grade. Comic books without missing pages, discoloration, or tears will fetch a higher price than their counterparts with those issues. To summarize, it is very important to consider how the value of a comic book will change based on its condition when you are purchasing or selling one.

Final Thoughts

As one can see, there are multiple things to consider when trying to determine the price of an antique comic book. Some common value indicators are the cover price, the content of the actual comic, and the condition. If you suspect that you have a comic book that could be worth something, it is always smart to get the book appraised so that you can have a formal paper declaring its worth. It can be hard to resell or prove its authenticity without having it appraised. Contact us today if you have an antique comic book you would like to have appraised!