5 Ways to Blend Antique Decor with Modern Design

What goes around comes around… especially when it comes to decorating!
2019 is a year full of vintage-inspired decor.
A common misconception is that you shouldn’t mix eras. But with a little bit of imagination, you can combine modern and antique decor successfully.
How can you achieve this unique look? Read on to find out five ways to blend antique decor with modern design.

1. Harmonious Palette

To blend the eras in your home, choose furniture and accessories that are the same color. This will cause your antiques and modern decor to create an overall harmonious space.
Go for a neutral color scheme, and add furniture or accessories that match. Or, if you’re bold, go for bright colors and epic statement pieces. If you can’t find a vintage piece in the right color, you can always paint it.
This harmonious look can also be done with fabrics, by repeating the pattern throughout your decor. You could use an antique fabric in your throw pillows and your curtains in your otherwise modern bedroom.

2. Contrasting Eras

Putting contrasting furniture and accessories together can make your home unique and quirky. Mix patterns, furniture, colors and ornamental pieces to bring out your individual personality.
For example, decorate your wall “Pinterest” style with a variety of antique and modern mirrors or frames. Or combine a traditional desk with a modern metallic chair for a dynamic combination.
You could add one antique statement piece in a minimal setting. For example in a white neutral room, have an oriental rug as a statement piece. Or you can easily use vintage pendant lightning or Edison bulbs to transform a room.

3. Storage in Strange Places

Most pieces of furniture may have been created to serve a specific function. But think outside the box and try using these pieces in an alternative setting.
Vintage cabinets, although designed for your dining room, can be transferred into your modern kitchen as extra storage space. Or use an antique wooden wardrobe in the dining room instead of a cabinet display case. How about a bedroom dresser in your living room as a sideboard? Anything goes!
You can even jazz up a tired piece of furniture with a lick of paint and a few modern updates. For example, an old wooden nightstand can be made entirely over with just a few modern sparkly glass knobs.

4. Ornamental

Books, knick-knacks, ornaments and more all have to go somewhere. But try to avoid the cluttered look at all costs.
In a modern living room, you could use a wicker suitcase as a coffee table. This storage solution can stash some of your treasures without displaying them. Decorate your mantelpiece with a few mixed era ornaments.
Use your coffee table as a showcase of your antique collection. For example, a modern table with a stack of vintage books and a quirky teapot lamp.

5. Statement Piece

If your home looks overly modern, it could have a clinical feel to it. Add a few statement pieces of antique furniture to give it a cozy homely vibe.
For example, a trough sink in your kitchen will immediately give a classy farmhouse look. Or a mid-century fireplace can add a vintage focal point to your otherwise modern decor. Huge antique tables are great for your dining room, and when paired with modern chairs or stools you can blend your decor perfectly.

Modern Mixed with Antique Decor

As you can see, you don’t need to decorate your home in a generic style. Combining old and new can give you a “one of a kind decor” that’ll bring out your unique personality.
One of the best places to find these unique pieces for your antique decor is at estate sales. For more information, contact us!