Lighting is everything.
Whether you’re trying to set the mood for a dinner party or for your nighttime reading hour, lighting can be your biggest aid.
What’s even better than mood¬†lighting? Lighting with a backstory.
Antique lamps will not only bring character and set the tone for any room in your home, it will also serve as a conversational piece when entertaining.
“Where did you get that?” your guests will ask. Of course, you’ll have to kindly tell them, “It’s one-of-a-kind.
You’ll find your eccentric pieces by heading out into the estate sale trenches.¬†Use this guide to help¬†you value antique lamps.
By seeking out all the local estate sales or auctions you can find, you are sure to find the best of the best when it comes to antique lamps.
There are a few antique winners to look out for. Here are 5 types of antique lamps that will add style to any room:

1. Gingobilo Floor Lamp

This gorgeous lamp from the 1970’s was designed by Carlo Giorgi. While most of them were manufactured in Italy, they made their way into many American homes in the 1970’s.
This lamp is a gorgeous piece with golden leaves sprouting from the top, one light in each leaf.
The lamp is about 70 inches high and is made of brass. It gives off a glimmering gold appearance.
With its modern design, it will add a chic, glamorous aesthetic to your home.

2. 1900’s French Theater Lights

These lamps will transport you back in time and can be found in many Los Angeles home estate sales.
Reminiscent of movie sets, these lamps were popular in the early 1900’s when directors, crew, and actors would bring them home from sets and incorporate them into their living rooms.
With its bulky head and sleek tripod legs, this lamp offers a unique appeal and is able to work in almost any semi-modern home.
Helpful hint: put a dimmer on these bright lights, or install a low-watt bulb in them for a soft glow in the evenings.

3. Danish Teak Floor Lamp

This mid-century modern classic is a sculptural masterpiece. Danish design teams began manufacturing this mid-century lamp in the 1960’s. It was a huge hit in the U.S. which is why you can find so many available at estate auctions and sales.
There are reproductions available for purchase of course, but nothing will beat the original.
This lamp is stunning from all angles. The fabric lamp shade and brass chain pull are beautiful compliments to the perfect teak finish.
If you find this one at a sale, consider yourself lucky.

4. Twelve Light Lily Lamp

This rare find was manufactured by Tiffany Studios in 1910. Now they are popping up in modern homes around the globe.
With its Art Noveau patinated bronze and glass lily lamps, this one is a prize. Many of the lamps are even signed “Tiffany Studios New York” with the article number listed.
Use this guide to help you spot an authentic Tiffany lamp anywhere.

5. Kerosene Banquet Lamp

These beautifully crafted glass lamps were very popular in the 1880s. They were cheap to make at the time and were considered very attractive oil lamps.
There is a patterned font on most of the lamps and they have a brass collar which are both indications of the time period.
With its alternating narrow, round glass accents, this lamp will look like an art sculpture on your table.
Most are now wired for electrical use. Put a bulb in the top of the lamp and you’ll have a real eye catcher.
These lamps will remain prized possessions in your home for years to come. Antique lamps are not only special, they can be fun to hunt for.
If you need help appraising your own antique lamps, contact us here for help.