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Houston photo appraisals provide a convenient and affordable way to assess the value of your items without needing in-person visits. Simply upload photos and item details from home to receive quick, precise valuations from our professional appraisers. This process saves you time and money by eliminating travel costs and scheduling hassles. Using advanced technology and expert analysis, we ensure accurate and reliable results, perfect for insurance, sales, and estate planning. Enjoy expert evaluations with minimal disruption to your daily routine.

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Our online appraisal process is quick, easy, and affordable. We have been providing appraisals to Houston Texas for years and are excited to help you too!


Send Us Your Photos and Documentation

To begin your online appraisal, complete our detailed form with all required information. Include thorough descriptions, dimensions, and any known history or provenance of your items. These details are essential for our appraisers to understand your needs and prepare accurately for the evaluation. Providing specific data ensures precise and reliable appraisals. Your thoroughness in this step will streamline the process, meeting your specific requirements efficiently.


Upload Photos & Submit Payment

o begin your online appraisal, take clear, high-resolution photos of your items from multiple angles, highlighting unique features and identifying marks. Use natural lighting and a plain background for best results. Gather supporting documents like purchase receipts, previous appraisals, or provenance records, ensuring they are legible and clear. Once your photos and documents are ready, submit your payment of $79 per item or set through our secure Stripe platform. This straightforward process ensures our appraisers receive all the necessary information to provide accurate and detailed evaluations.


Expert Evaluation

Prestige Estate Services excels in providing expert valuations, backed by extensive industry experience and knowledge. Our IRS-qualified appraisers use advanced tools and methodologies for precise and reliable evaluations. We meticulously assess each item, considering factors like condition, provenance, and current market trends to deliver thorough and accurate reports. Our commitment to professionalism and attention to detail makes Prestige the preferred choice for online appraisals. Trust Prestige for unparalleled expertise and exceptional service, ensuring you receive the most accurate and insightful evaluations.



Receive Your Report

At Prestige Estate Services, our appraisers thoroughly examine all submitted photos and information using advanced tools and comprehensive market research. Each report includes detailed write-ups, market value assessments, and insights into the item's condition, provenance, and significance. After completing the evaluation, we will send you a digital report via email for easy access, containing all the essential details you need.

Photo appraisals when possible are a great way to save money and time. By providing photos our Houston appraisers can start your appraisal immediately.

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Prestige Estate Services excels in offering dependable online appraisals in Houston. Our advanced techniques and expert evaluations ensure exceptional service. Our dedicated team meticulously handles each appraisal, delivering comprehensive reports and precise valuations. From antiques to contemporary pieces, we provide detailed insights, ensuring your appraisals are completed with the highest level of professionalism and care.

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Providing Appraisals To Houston Texas and Surrounding Communities

Our Houston office proudly serves the entire metropolitan area, including suburbs such as Sugar Land, Katy, The Woodlands, and Pearland. We also cater to nearby cities like Galveston and Conroe. No matter if you're in the heart of Houston or in the outskirts, our skilled team is ready to handle all your photo appraisal needs, delivering exceptional service and expert evaluations.

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