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At Prestige Estate Services, our qualified furniture appraisers offer detailed and accurate valuations for all types of furniture, from antiques to contemporary pieces. Our experts utilize their extensive knowledge and advanced tools to meticulously assess each item's condition, provenance, and market value. Whether for insurance, estate planning, or resale, our comprehensive reports provide clear and reliable information. Trust our experienced team to handle your furniture appraisals with the highest level of professionalism and care, ensuring precise and thorough evaluations every time.

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Understanding Our Furniture Appraisers's Process


Schedule Your Furniture Appraiser Consultation

Begin your furniture appraisal process by scheduling a consultation with our qualified experts. During this initial meeting, we will discuss your specific needs and gather essential information about your furniture pieces. Our appraisers will explain the appraisal process, address any concerns, and ensure that we tailor our services to meet your unique requirements. Contact us today to set up your consultation and start the journey towards accurate and detailed furniture appraisals.


Furniture Appraisers Onsite Visit

During our onsite visit, our expert furniture appraisers will come to your location to conduct a thorough assessment of each piece. We meticulously inspect and evaluate the furniture, noting its condition, age, provenance, and unique features. High-quality photographs and detailed measurements are taken to ensure accurate documentation. This hands-on approach allows us to provide precise valuations and comprehensive reports tailored to your specific needs. Trust our professional team to handle your furniture appraisal with the utmost care and expertise.


How Our Furniture Appraisers Collect Data

Our furniture appraisers employ a meticulous data collection process to ensure accurate and thorough appraisals. We start by gathering detailed descriptions of each piece, including dimensions, materials, and identifying marks. High-resolution photographs are taken from multiple angles to capture every aspect of the furniture. We also research the provenance and historical context, considering the item's age, origin, and maker. Market trends and comparable sales are analyzed to determine the current value. This comprehensive approach ensures precise and reliable valuations for your furniture.


Report Formation

Upon completing the appraisal process, our furniture appraisers compile a comprehensive report detailing their findings. This report includes thorough descriptions, high-resolution photographs, and precise valuations of each piece. We document the condition, provenance, and any unique characteristics, alongside current market trends and comparable sales data. The report provides clear and accurate insights, aiding in insurance, resale, or estate planning needs. Trust our professional team to deliver a detailed and reliable appraisal report, ensuring you have a complete understanding of your furniture's value.

Our furniture appraisers are ISA, ASA, or AAA members and are I.R.S. qualified. Call Today or Schedule a Consultation

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You Can Rely On Our Furniture Appraisers & Their Commitment To Accurate and Court Ready Furniture Appraisal Reports

Having served the industry for decades with a history of precise furniture appraisals, we have earned a reputation as a trusted partner. Our experienced appraisers offer extensive knowledge and skill, ensuring thorough cataloging and evaluation of each item. Whether appraising antique treasures or modern furniture, we provide comprehensive documentation and accurate valuations. Our dedication to excellence and meticulous attention to detail ensures that your appraisals are handled with the highest level of care and professionalism, providing you with peace of mind and dependable service throughout the entire process.


Save Time & Money 

We utilize cutting-edge technologies and innovative methodologies to deliver top-tier turnaround times for our clients. By incorporating advanced sampling methods, proprietary databases, and leading AI tools, we streamline the on-site evaluation and documentation processes. This forward-thinking approach guarantees the accuracy and thoroughness of our reports while also providing substantial time and cost savings for our clients.

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