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While many refer to needing an "estate auction" to clear out a home, at Prestige Estate Services, we believe and have proven that estate sales, or tag sales, are the superior solution. Unlike auctions, where items might sell for less than their true value, estate sales allow for controlled pricing, ensuring our clients receive the maximum returns. Our estate auction or estate sale services provide a comprehensive solution, from initial consultation to final sale. We handle every detail with expertise, meticulously cataloging, marketing, and selling each item. Trust us to make your estate sale smooth, profitable, and stress-free.

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Our Estate Auction A.K.A. Estate Sale Process


Call & Schedule A Walk Through

Contact us to schedule a walkthrough for your estate auction. Our experts will visit the property, evaluate the items, and discuss your specific needs to develop a personalized plan. By emphasizing the advantages of estate sales, we ensure a strategy that maximizes returns and provides a seamless, stress-free experience. Reach out today to get started with your estate auction preparations.


Estate Auction Preparations

Preparing for an estate auction involves meticulous planning and organization to ensure maximum returns. Our process begins with a thorough assessment of the property and items to be sold. Our experts categorize items for sale, ensuring they are properly valued and presented. We develop a strategic marketing plan to attract potential buyers, including online listings and targeted advertising. By emphasizing the advantages of estate sales, we ensure items are priced appropriately and achieve the best possible results. Our comprehensive preparations make the estate auction process smooth, efficient, and profitable.


Estate Auction Sale Days

On the day of the estate auction, our team ensures everything is perfectly organized and ready for buyers. We arrange items attractively, with clear pricing and easy viewing. Our knowledgeable staff is on hand to assist buyers, answer questions, and facilitate transactions. We use effective marketing strategies to drive traffic, including online promotions and local advertisements. By emphasizing the advantages of estate sales over traditional auctions, we create a smooth, efficient, and profitable sale day, maximizing returns and providing a stress-free experience for our clients.


Accounting & Proceeds Check

Our estate auction accounting process ensures transparency and accuracy. After the auction, we meticulously track all sales and provide a detailed financial report, breaking down the performance of each item and category. This report offers valuable insights into the success of the auction. Once the accounting is complete, we promptly issue a proceeds check, ensuring you receive your earnings quickly and efficiently. By emphasizing the benefits of estate sales, we ensure you achieve the best possible returns, providing peace of mind and maximizing your financial outcomes.

Our team brings extensive experience to the estate auction process. We accurately price items, create targeted marketing campaigns, and manage all sale day details. By emphasizing estate sales, we maximize returns and ensure a stress-free experience.

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Providing Estate Auctions or Estate Sales For Almost 20 Years! Trust Experience & Experience The Benefits!

For nearly two decades, Prestige Estate Services has been a trusted provider of estate auctions a.k.a. estate sales. Our extensive experience and deep market knowledge ensure that we deliver exceptional results for our clients. Whether you need to clear out a home or maximize the value of your belongings, our expert team manages every detail with precision and care. Trust our experience and discover the benefits of a smooth, profitable, and stress-free estate sale process.


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We help our clients make more money by accurately pricing items and attracting serious buyers through strategic marketing. Our efficient process saves you time, handling everything from start to finish. We do this because we are dedicated to providing exceptional service, ensuring that our clients achieve the best possible returns with minimal effort and stress.

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