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Experience the convenience and precision of our Columbus photo appraisal services. Conducted by an IRS-qualified appraiser in Columbus, Ohio, our expert team utilizes advanced technology to deliver dependable appraisals to your home. Whether for insurance, sales, or estate planning, our online services provide accurate valuations quickly and efficiently, tailored to meet your unique needs.

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Our Columbus Ohio Office's Photo Appraisal Process


Send Us Your Photos and Documentation

Begin your Columbus photo appraisal by capturing detailed, high-quality pictures of your items. Ensure to photograph multiple angles, highlight unique attributes, and document any identifying marks. Attach relevant documents that offer context or history, like receipts, earlier appraisals, or provenance records. Once you have all the required materials, make your payment of $79 per item or set using our secure Stripe platform. This process guarantees our appraisers receive all the essential information needed for a precise and comprehensive evaluation tailored to your requirements.


Upload Photos & Submit Payment

For your Columbus photo appraisal, follow these steps to ensure a smooth process and high-quality photos:

  1. Optimal Lighting: Use natural light to reduce shadows and glare.
  2. Multiple Perspectives: Take photos from various angles, including front, back, sides, and bottom.
  3. Detailed Close-Ups: Focus on unique features, markings, labels, or signatures.
  4. Stable Camera: Use a tripod or steady surface to avoid blurry images.
  5. Clean Background: Use a plain background to make details stand out.

After taking high-resolution photos, gather any relevant documents, such as receipts or previous appraisals. Submit your payment of $79 per item or set through our secure Stripe platform. This ensures our appraisers have all the information needed for accurate and detailed evaluations.


Expert Evaluation

Prestige Estate Services stands out for expert valuations due to our extensive experience and industry knowledge. Our certified appraisers use advanced tools and methodologies to deliver precise and reliable evaluations. We meticulously consider condition, provenance, and market trends for comprehensive and accurate reports. Our professionalism and attention to detail make us the trusted choice for online appraisals. Choose Prestige for unparalleled expertise and exceptional service, ensuring the most accurate and insightful evaluations.



Receive Your Report

At Prestige Estate Services, our expert appraisers carefully review all submitted photos and information, using advanced tools and market research to ensure precise evaluations. Each report features detailed descriptions of the items, market value assessments, and insights into their condition, provenance, and significance. Once finalized, your digital report will be emailed to you, providing convenient access to all the essential details you need.

Photo appraisals can be a convenient way to obtain an items value without requiring the in-person visit from an appraiser. There are some types of appraisals that won't allow this but many do.

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Prestige Estate Services in Columbus, Ohio Provides High Quality Photo Appraisals

Prestige Estate Services stands out in delivering reliable online appraisals in Columbus. Our advanced methods and expert evaluations distinguish us in the industry. Each appraisal is meticulously managed by our experienced team, producing thorough reports and precise valuations. Whether evaluating antiques or contemporary pieces, we offer detailed and accurate guidance, ensuring your appraisals are conducted with the utmost professionalism.

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Providing Photo Appraisals In Columbus Ohio and Surrounding Communities

Our Columbus office is dedicated to serving Columbus, Dublin, Westerville, Hilliard, and surrounding communities throughout Ohio. We also extend our photo appraisal services to nearby areas, including Cleveland and Cincinnati. Whether you're in the city or the suburbs, our expert team is ready to assist with all your online photo appraisal needs, offering exceptional service and expertise.

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